Friday, June 30, 2006


It’s taken long enough but now some things are finally making sense to us. Not much, to be sure, but just enough to stay clear of the funny farm.

What confused us was hearing that we were in a never ending war against terror. Well, OK, that does make a modicum of sense, but it’s all that came after that made our brain itch.

Like, for instance, “stay the course” when no course/plan is given; or “win the war” when it’s never ending; or flag must be honored but waging an unprovoked war against another country is acceptable.

And why, we wondered, was it OK for Kid Rock to throw the flag around in the same ballgame that the horror of that wardrobe malfunction occurred? Or was it not desecration when Bush signed his name on some flags?

We constantly hear how badly things are going in Iraq and how it resembles Mogadishu as our troops are mutilated and we find ourselves in civil war where both sides are shooting at us.

But that means we are fighting there so we don’t have to fight here. Which would be just great but then we are told that we are constantly fighting terrorist here.

Then there’s the Constitution which used to be the basis of our government but now can be ignored in order to fight them over there and here by ignoring privacy safeguards built in to protect us.

Newspapers now must print what the government decrees and must not print anything the government banns. If they do, they are considered to be traitors and criminals who are hurting our war against terror.

And why, we puzzled, was it OK for the White House to out a CIA agent for revenge while the printing of a factual article on White House perfidy is called treason?

As if that weren’t enough, Bush claims our soldiers must stay in Iraq until we have won. Anyone or any group who disagrees is accused of being a coward for advocating “cut and run”.

He also says that drawdown of troops will be on the advice of his generals in the field. Since victory or winning is never defined, it is difficult to understand why now the drawdown is slated to start in September.

By coincidence, of course, that would be just before the November elections. And even more coincidental, polls show the majority of voters favor us cutting or running on the basis of “he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day”.

It was all too difficult to figure out until we realized that simple signing statements can reverse or change the intent of laws made by Congress. And that the Constitution can be circumvented by the Justice Department.

So up is down and down is wherever Bush wants it to be. So now we understand that we have fallen down a rabbit hole where Bush is the Mad Hatter and Karl Rove is the cross-dressing Queen of Hearts.
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