Friday, December 02, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 049


It seems as if many in the media are working hard at pushing the idea that Humpty Dumpty-Iraq may have hada great fall but like the South he will rise again. The media have been and still are the work horses of the RepubliKing.

Those king’s horses have their job cut out for them because many of the king’s men are doing serious damage to the image of the Bush persona, that is, that he is an honest leader with an honest government. Nov. 28, 2005: STATE BY STATE GOP SCANDAL SCORECARD
The worst criminals of all the media-horses are those that have consistently covered up the many Bush lies about Humpty-Iraq until just recently when the stench got so bad that they couldn’t breath. Suddenly these columnists discovered what Democrats have been saying since the Florida debacle.
Instead of honestly admitting that they had been wrong, they join in the chorus of the “misled”, pretending that they have just discovered what has been going on right under their noses. That they do this with no shame or remorse is worst than criminal, it is contemptuous.
Two of the most consistent loyalist horses to the King are still the Hardball hardhead, Chris Matthews and his girl Friday, Nora O’Donnell, who continue to make comments like this:
MATTHEWS: I like him. Everybody sort of likes the president,except for the real whack-jobs, maybe on the left -- I mean – like him personally. From the November 28 edition of MSNBC's Hardball. As Media Matters for America previously reported, MSNBC chiefWhite House correspondent Norah O'Donnell made a similarlyunsupported statement on the November 27 broadcast of MSNBC's TheChris Matthews Show, claiming that Bush has retained his "authenticity" with the public.
Chris Matthews used variations of the word "brilliant" twice to describe Bush’s Navel Academy speech, while deriding Democratic critics of the Iraq war as "carpers and complainers."
Even worse than the felonious Republican king’s men are Democrat king’s men like Joe Lieberman who continues to support King Bush. It seems we dodged a bullet when the election was stolen in 2000. Old Joe is tighter than a tick with Bush and his world-domination-by-war-policy.
Still the real problem remains as the country is drained of its young women and men; its wealth and its reputation just to keep Humpty-Iraq from falling off the wall. The surfs, the uncommon, common folk want the King to pull our troops out and let Humpty-Iraq stand or fall on its own.
Many of the King’s men, who have escaped scandals, have joined the opposition Democrats in calling for a planned downsizing of troops with a gradual withdrawing of influence. They read the polls and want to be reelected.
The King now is perched shakily on a wall of his own making. He gives lip service to a drawdown but his heart is still into ruling the world and bringing the infidels to Democracy under his dictatorship.
He has lost the support of many of his men and many of his horses. Now his future balance on the White House wall may rest on the fate of Humpty Dumpty-Iraq. But things can quickly change as the King has many media-horses poised to sweep him to safety on the wings of spin.
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