Friday, December 09, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 050


It should be safe to say that the present Bush administration, led by Rove and the Neo-cons, planned, plotted and started the preemptive war in Iraq. It should be safe and for awhile there it seemed that the media understood this.

Yes, it seemed that they had finally caught up to the facts right in front of their eyes and the mood of the American people. Sure, it was late in coming but it did seem as if they were really trying to report the news instead of what Rove told them to report.

Certainly there is plenty to investigate and write about just from the latest Commission’s report that gave the Bushies low marks for preparedness, telling us that the homeland is not secure even after all these years and dollars.

And the media people must be aware that although there were Democrats who voted to give Bush latitude to fight terrorists that it did not mean they were for the preemptive Iraq war. Also, most of them voted to support the troops that Bush had already committed to Iraq.

Now most all of the Democrats, as well as most people in the country, want and intelligent drawdown of our troops; they want the National Guard back doing its job in its own state and they want attention paid to the many problems here at home.

As clear as this is, many in the media are going after another wild hare. A hare planted by Karl Rove to keep them away from the scent of the Bush debacle in Iraq and how badly it is turning out.

That hare is ludicrous to those who do not blindly go a’Rovin after any and everything that falls from Karl’s lips. That hair would get short shrift from any thinking journalist.

That hair is all over the shows with talking heads who are speculating and lamenting on the fact that all Democrats are not united on how to pull out of Iraq. Whoa! What is that about? The Dems haven’t the majority to change policy and for that matter, THE REPUGS WHO DO ARE NOT IN AGREEMENT EITHER.

The media mavens know that but still blindly parrot Rove who wants everyone to forget what Howard Dean so eloquently frames as he goes all over the country:
"What we see today is very much like what was going in Watergate," Dean said. "It turns out there is a lot of good evidence that President Bush did not tell the truth when he was asking Congress for the power to go to war. The President said last week that Congress saw the same intelligence that he did in making the decision to go to war, and that is flat out wrong. The President withheld some intelligence from the Senate Intelligence Committee. He withheld the report from the CIA that in fact there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction (in Iraq), that they did not have a nuclear program. They (the White House) selectively gave intelligence to the United States Senate and the United States Congress and got them to give the go ahead to attack these people."

Rove hates the damage that the clarity of truth causes so he calls his media palls and puts a wild hairy bug in their ear and they go racing off in all directions yelling and baying on a false scent. Not to be outdone or scooped, the rest of the journalist pack take up the baying with scant idea of what it’s all about.

So now the blame for everything is again placed on the Democrats because they “don’t agree about what to do about Iraqi problems.” Problems they had little to do with creating. And as Rove pushes these buttons on the media, the rest of the Republican chorus weep, wail, cry traitor and generally act like the proverbial fair maiden violated.

And as usual, Lieberman is generally making a stupid ass of himself, securing his place as Bush’s #1 butt boy.
Lieberman yesterday: “It is time for Democrats who distrust President Bush to acknowledge that he will be commander in chief for three more critical years and that in matters of war we undermine presidential credibility at our nation’s peril.” 12/6/05
Murtha today: “Undermining his credibility? What has he said that would give him credibility?” - 12/7/05

Solution for the Democrats and the country: “Declare victory and leave”. So said Senator George Aiken of Vermont when the country faced a similar situation in Vietnam.
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