Friday, December 30, 2005


No matter what anyone may think, there is no war in Iraq – that’s an oil takeover; there is no war against terrorists – that’s a global disease. The real and only war is the war of words. A war Americans have been shown to be ill-equipped to fight.

The goal of this word war is to influence and control minds using words that have been shown to be heavy artillery in this contest. They affect many people by turning off any sort of critical mental oversight.

Examples of these words are 9/11, victory, winners, God, patriot, Democracy, life, terrorist, protect, WMD, secure, mushroom cloud and freedom, but there are many others.

Nearly everyone saw the attack and subsequent information on September 11th. They saw pictures of the hijackers who crashed the planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and an open field.

They were shown these pictures over and over along with the information that the attack was planned by a Saudi, Osama bin Laden, leader of al Qaeda. Names and nationalities of the hijackers were constantly repeated – most were from Saudi Arabia, but none of them were IRAQI!

Yet by repeating the words terrorist and 9/11 and Iraq in the same context or even sentences, Bush and Cheney convinced otherwise intelligent people that Iraq’s Saddam Hussain was a major force in the leadership of the terrorist who swiped and crashed the planes.

By using words tying Saddam to nuclear bombs and chemical warfare, Bush and Cheney convinced the majority of Americans that the country was in eminent danger unless Iraq was invaded and Saddam removed.

Why do so many Americans fail to critically examine things they hear? Take for example the oft recited claim that “We must fight them there [[raq] so we don’t have to fight them here [America].”

This is just one example of the often apposing, always conflicting messages given to the American people, many of whom hear just the scary part and feel afraid and want to be protected. They do not hear the threat to their freedom and their Constitution.

They see the purple fingers waving in the air in Iraq and hear the Bushie’s words: freedom, democracy, removed evil dictator, victory, we are the greatest etc. So the father-knows-best mantra goes on and on, carefully coloring minds with conflicting and confusing thoughts of fear and pride – blanking out reason and other words.

Other words like Purple Heart, reminding us of the terrible loss of limbs and eyes; the pain and grief of so many. Words that blank out both word and sight of flag draped coffins, preemptive war and the laws to protect the Constitution and the country.

Think carefully. We all have seen the waving purple fingers all over the media and referenced in every Bush speech, but are we ever shown a ceremony where one of our brave Iraqi war veterans was honored for service with a Purple Heart?

Have you ever wondered why?

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