Friday, November 25, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 048


It had to happen; it was only a matter of time. All the signs and portents pointed to it and now it’s here, it’s coming at us full blast. Bush has declared the United States of America and about 70% of its inmate’s EVIL.

Remember how he promised to wipe evil off the earth country by country? He pointed out axis of evil; he invaded an evil country, Iraq, and continued to threaten invasion of other evil countries such as Iran and North Korea.

While true that he claims God is directing him in his relentless pursuit of evil eradication, his zeal on this anti-evil quest has obviously gone beyond what was intended. Or perhaps the one giving him directions is really the Devil.

As Bush pushed ahead around the world, he happily depleted the resources of his own fiefdom: the military, which he needs to enforce his domination over the world; the resources, to support his wars, and the conscience of the people.

But there were signs around that a truer Force for Good was upset with George and what he was doing to the planet. Mother Nature was incensed that he had ignored her warnings and flaunted her power so she put on some hurricane, flood, tornado and snowstorm demonstrations to get his attention.

But George just sneered at her fury and continued his warlike ways. What, him bothered? No way. He was safe in the White House or at Camp David or in his own private haven-ranch replete with photo ops.

Because of his inattention to the previous warnings of Mother Nature many people in his nation were made homeless, lost their lives; suffered hardships and began to see Bush in his true colors.

So it came to pass that a murmur of hope passed over this favored land. Gone were the tendencies to follow George’s lead and blame everything on France or the Congressional Democrats or his favorite whipping boy, President Clinton.

The plaques of blinding-Bush-lies fell from their eyes and they saw what he was doing for the first time. A great volume of anger struck down the former polled evaluations of Bush as more Americans became aware of his perfidy.

In response to the dropping polls, Bush and cohorts responded in the only way they knew how – viciously! They attacked their own country’s leadership and heroes, calling them cowards and traitors. And his poll numbers continued to fall.

And as this great struggle against evil continued there were signs of republican-rats leaving the Bush-ship-of-fools. It may only be a matter of time before torture is instituted in the newly formed gulags of the Senate and House of Congress as the Emperor strikes back.
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