Friday, December 16, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 051

GenderGappers 2005 – 051


We just don’t get it. The system executed Tookie for his past crimes which included murder. There was no credit given by the law for his good deeds following his arrest.

He was tried and convicted; given years of appeals while he reformed himself and influenced young people to stay out of gangs. Admirable on the face of it but when the appeals ran out, so did Tookie. He faced the law and the law won.

Just what are the parameters for punishment? We ask because there’s a guy in this country that is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people. Most of them did nothing to him or to his people; he did it just for the joy of conquest, his ego.

True most of these deaths were foreigners, just a couple of thousand or so were Americans, and they all occurred over in some foreign country that pissed off this guy; some kind of towel-heads who weren’t born again Christians.

But the guy did terrible things in his own country too. He waged legal wars against the poor, the elderly, the infirm and the children. He let a whole culture suffer horribly while he dug into the pockets of the rich for more money for his political cronies.

The rich owed him for cutting their taxes to the bone; for allowing them to outsource their products to avoid more tax; for allowing them to send American jobs to other countries where they could exploit people already living in poverty. Payback for the immense profits that accrued from his wars.

And despite a deaf and dumb media, the crimes of this man were so huge and so horrible that an American Jury, the voters, his peers, came to realize how he had lied to them; how he sent their children off to die in a foreign country for his own ego.

So, by several polls, he was tried and found guilty by nearly three-quarters of the country. And yet he still appeals because he claims that the economy is bustling and soon everyone will have victory and 2 or 3 SUV’s. Still many of the jury forgot about his massive crimes because the Constitution is a “god-damned piece of paper”.

And as he goes around the country with lies and more lies, he spreads fear; fear of disease, fear of terror … But their greatest fear is fear of losing, fear of not winning his war, fear that they are losing their macho image, fear of themselves.

He keeps them desperately afraid of thinking,; of expressing the values of their religious beliefs and honoring their historic past. And the guy knows his Neanderthal Americans. He has revved up his propaganda machine to turn the jury once more in his favor – to turn them into fellow conspirators through their own belief in being tough.

Tough trumps everything for the Neanderthal-American who believes that brawn always beats brains. There is a battle going on now between them and Americans who side with logic, reason and reality.

“Toughness defined in a strictly physical way does not always achieve victory. Might does not make right, nor does it always make everything right. And it is not unmanly to say that. Might makes right is the credo of the warrior. But there is simple power in right as might. It is the power of great leaders in religion and politics, from Jesus Christ to Martin Luther King. Throughout history, brave men and women have taken the high moral ground. Only in America today do we dare call them wimps.”

Will the rule of law prevail and cause Americans to defy their Neanderthalic attitudes or will the Erectus people of the 21st. century and their institutions of law finally get off their knees to rise up and do the political equivalent of a Tookie on this guy and his fellow Neanderthals?
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