Friday, November 23, 2007


Remember how Primary debates used to be handled? There were candidates on the stage who answered questions posed by a moderator. Never did a moderator join the debate. Her/his function was to keep order and ask questions.

It is so different this year as the Cable fat heads, swollen with ego, have entered the debate as de facto advisors, prompters and debaters. Before the debates, moderators of the next debate discuss the campaigns of the candidates with guest analyzers.

Then when the debate is in progress, the moderator may insert himself into the debate with stunning nastiness using his own opinions and script he wrote for his cable program. The idea is to incite a fight, entertain and provide lots of clips to run on the cable programs to hurt one candidate and build up another.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was first to enter into the debate he was supposed to be moderating but pulled back when the crowd voiced its disapproval. However he continued to script on his program what Obama and Edwards should do to hurt Clinton at the next debate. That one was moderated by Russert who asked questions of Clinton, many of which were based on lies or slanted to misinform.

Viewers from all walks of life were appalled by Russert’s actions as moderator, especially in the debate which took place in Philly with a Matthew’s-packed crowd that was clamoring for Clinton’s blood.

Chris was really pissed off at the criticism and “protested too much” and too often. He claimed that Russert acted the way a moderator should act. Then he further manipulated the debate in subsequent Hardball programs. Typically he played clips only of parts of Hillary’s responses without showing that the questions asked were different.

Following the Nevada debate, Matthews was livid. We’ve seen this side of him before whenever Hillary won. He declared that the moderator, Wolff Blitzer, had been co-opted with threats [even after Wolff denied it] and gave Hillary soft ball questions.

Matthews raged on, declaring that the crowd was fixed, the boos were programmed and the questions were all managed by the Clinton campaign. He showed himself to be the leader of the “Stop Hillary movement”.

In his head, a programmed anti-Hillary audience in Philly was OK but Hillary backers in the audience in Nevada was not. Likewise he often criticizes and complains about Hillary clapping her hands with never a word about the fact that nearly every shot of Barack show him clapping his hands.

He desperately needs Obama to win because O is sure to lose the general election. Chris’s candidate has always been Giuliani and he is terrified that Senator Clinton will win and he knows she can beat him.

He has constantly demonstrated his hatred of everything Clinton. He should be worried. A huge poll taken this week reported that 64% of Democrats believe that Hillary is the only candidate that can win against a Republican. Most realize that Rudy or any of the other Repug candidates would make mincemeat out of Obama in the presidential debates.

The media is becoming even more strident in managing this Primary by telling us lies and half truths. It focuses on anything it can blow up to make the candidates fight. Who will you believe? Them or your own evaluation made following perusal of the facts?

Now the media mavens are breathlessly telling us that Barack has the highest likeability of any of the Dem candidates. Seems that was one of the principal reasons why people voted for George Bush – we ask them: “How did that work out for you?”
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