Friday, November 30, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 049


Remember how, just a few years ago, Democrats/Liberals were united and determined to take our country back? Then something that was really great changed us to a nasty, back-biting mob – we gained the majority in Congress.

At first it was dancing in the streets, but soon the naysayers and critics took over. Without even a thought to learning how government is run, many Liberals began to criticize their Congressional majority for not stopping the Iraq war instantly and for not doing all the things these critics wanted them to.

While the Repugs in Congress stood together solidly, the Dems splintered, so even with a majority it was difficult to get anything done.
Remember, just because you have the majority does not mean you rule uncontested if you abide by the Constitution. True, Bush has adroitly circumvented laws and the Constitution but he has had the unwavering support of his Party’s supporters.

You get loyalty by being loyal. The Repugs have learned this and it’s time for the rank and file Dems to grow up and smell the votes. Activists that are doing most of the screaming must understand that Senator Lieberman, elected as a Dem but caucusing with Dems, is blackmailing the Senate. Its hands are tied else it loses its majority.

This is the lesson that Dems need to learn and be concerned about:
Why should their elected representative go out on a limb for them when just as soon as they fail or something else comes up from the baser of the base, they know they will be not only deserted but vilified?

So-called Liberal Talk Radio does little to educate the voters about how things work in a democratic government. Many of the hosts are adamantly against some of the Dem candidates while openly pimping for their favorite Liberal. In fact, Liberal Radio is doing exactly what it has consistently criticizes mainstream media for doing.

The mainstream media seldom mentions Kucinich, Biden, Richardson, Dodd or Edwards, concentrating on Hillary and Barack. Liberal talk show hosts and their callers are mostly using the Repug talking points to criticize Clinton. They ignore anything negative about Obama.

What many Liberals fail to realize is that the media is still run by the Republicans who are terrified of Hillary and know they can easily beat Barack who will be slaughtered in the debates by any Repug. Their fear of Hillary is so great that Karl Rove has surfaced to feed lines to her Democratic opponents and Liberal Talk Radio.

While ignoring most of the Dem candidates, mainstream media mavens scrutinize and criticize everything about Clinton, yet allow Obama to skate on his errors and inexperience. But in fairness, there are things about him that should not be ignored. For example:

The Democratic Underground and NY Times are two sources that have noted how Obama considers himself a modern day Joshua and infers that God “walks” with his campaign. If that doesn’t scare the hell out of Democrats, it should. Church and State are separate and should remain that way. Do we really want another president like Bush who claims God directs him?

And just try to find any coverage of how the Obama campaign pays off supporters in Primary States illegally. This is nearly totally ignored by the media and even most of the bloggers.

Now he is being played up mightily on both Liberal and Mainstream media because Oprah is coming to campaign for him. Will 0+0 = 0 or a halo? Will Oprah lift this self-appointed Joshua up to sainthood with the prayers of her vast audience? Whose side is God on in this contest? It is certainly not the voters who want separation of church and state.

Chris Matthews as we’ve mentioned before is dying for Giuliani to win and knows the G. can easily beat the O., so Chris is pulling out all stops to bring down Clinton while indulging in his latest man-crush, Obama.

The Many Man-Crushes of Chris Matthews
Eric Alterman
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