Friday, November 09, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 046


Never thought it would be true, but Hardball was a thrill to watch following the Philly debate. It was because Craig Crawford stood up to, and beat down Chris Matthews who claimed that “Hillary played the gender card” and he “had the sound-bite that proved it”.

Crawford insisted, even as Matthews typically tried to yell him down, that she did not play the gender card in that sound-bite. This forced Matthews to play it again and it was obvious that all Hillary said was that her college trained her to compete with the boys in the presidential race.

The people who called the debate a pile-on and gender driven were ALL OF US out here in the electorate who called, e-mailed or wrote to the Clinton campaign and NBC protesting Russert’s actions. It was the media that instigated a pile-on and misrepresented what happened afterwards by blaming their own press reports on the Clinton campaign.

Anyone who forms their opinion on anything reported by a media, that intentionally intends to run the race to make as much nasty news as possible, is brain dead.

The post debate game show put on by Obama himself is noteworthy only because the media amplified it without any of the critical comment it reserves for other Democratic candidates. Edward’s disingenuous ad showed Clinton giving somewhat different answers but did not include the questions that elicited those answers; the media ignored that.

Obama came out with a back slapping; “look what I did to Hillary” attitude that belied the fact that he had to be coached by one of the moderators. To paraphrase, he was carried to third base on the misleading attack questions by Russert, Edwards and Dodd and now he claims he hit a triple.

All he really demonstrated in that debate was how easily he is led from his declared path, showing that he is a follower, not a leader who can think and operate by himself.

When Barack declared that he had been piled-on because he was different in a former debate and did not protest, he and the ass kissing media failed to report that whereas he endured for around 15 minutes with NO black code words used against him; Hillary endured for 2 hours with plenty of gender code words used.

And following the debate, facing a barrage of gender code words that every woman recognizes having heard them so often; code words such as “you’re overreacting” and “taking this personally” from the media and fellow candidates.

In addition, Barack was not attacked by one of the moderators. Wonder what trick or misleading questions the media will dig up for the next debate and if the moderator will join in to coach Obama like Russert did.

Russert was characterized by the New York Times on October 31 as "arguably" Clinton's "third toughest opponent on the stage" during the October 30 debate

If the media disregards the facts brought forth by the archivist of President Bill Clinton’s papers and continues to claim Senator Clinton is hiding them, voters should get angry and insist that the truth of this situation be reported.

So much is made of Hillary’s votes yet Barack is not censored for missing three times as many votes as Hillary. Is avoiding voting Barack’s way of avoiding leadership or showing no courage of his convictions?

Governor Bill Richardson got it right in that debate when he described what the Times called “a withering attack”. He scolded the others. “You know what I’m hearing here, I’m hearing this holier-than-thou attitude toward Senator Clinton. It’s bothering me because it’s pretty close to personal attacks that we don’t need.”
The problem is it was just what the media ordered and orchestrated.
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