Friday, November 16, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 047


This strike by the writers will surely deprive many of their TV entertainment as sitcoms and other shows like “24” fall by the wayside. No problem as most will just turn to movies or other shows on CDs.

But we must not forget those who will really suffer – the young, the unthinking or the stoned that depend on The Daily Show/Leno et al for their political information – they will be collateral damaged.

Of course some of the affected can satisfy their thirst for political humor just as other groupies do by following their candidate around wearing uniforms, yelling “Fire it up!”, “Let’s kick her ass!” and buying cute nutcrackers.

But for the comedy deprived masses, there is hope and we offer some of it here. If humor is your bag, just check out cable news. While at first glance you may not see anything very funny, the trick is to switch channels every two minutes and compare the similarities and discrepancies.

With a little practice you will find yourself making up Daily Show segments all by yourself. Then soon after you’ll be doing stand up routines for your friends that would be the envy of the late-night-talk.

This does take a bit of effort but it is well worth it. To get the hang of it start out with FOX and then click to CNN or NSNBC. You’ll be a pro before you know it and ROTFLYAO.

It’s really funny watching Tucker exhibit his abysmal ignorance or Wolff trying to show he isn’t biased or the multitude of monstrously bosomed FOX Twinkies solemnly reading opinions so obviously beyond their comprehension.

You may prefer reading the blogs, especially those that have illustrative pictures, but to really get the full flavor and fun, try a newspaper. This will be a real challenge if you have forgotten how words look that you learned in school since you got immersed in txt mes. Keep at it because it will come back to you and also most newspapers have a page of comics for mental relief and illustrated help for the harder words.

If you need more comedy fix, here’s a couple of screamers from Media Matters. They are sure to crack you up.

Matthews claimed "Clinton people ... trying to intimidate" Blitzer -- after Blitzer had denied itMSNBC's Hardball host Chris Matthews began his November 13 show by asserting that "the Clinton people" are "trying to intimidate" CNN host Wolf Blitzer, who is scheduled to moderate a November 15 Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas. But less than an hour earlier, Blitzer had said on CNN's The Situation Room, "No one has pressured me. No one has threatened me. No one is trying to intimidate me. ... No one has even called me to try to pressure me or anything like that. ... I have not felt any pressure whatsoever." Later during the same edition of Hardball, Matthews referred to Blitzer's denial but misrepresented it. Read more

Wash. Post's Kurtz pointed out "liberal bloggers[']" criticism of Russert debate performance, but not Russert's faulty questionsWashington Post media critic Howard Kurtz wrote that NBC Washington bureau chief Tim Russert "was ripped by liberal bloggers" after "he repeatedly pressed Hillary Clinton during a presidential debate." But Kurtz did not note that at least two of the questions Russert posed to Clinton included falsehoods. Read more

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