Friday, October 26, 2007



That proverb could be amended today to state – more than half. Metaphors aside, right now Peggy Whitson is in command of the International Space Station. Pamela Melroy commands the shuttle Discovery.

Melroy’s co-pilot, George Samka, who has never served with or for a woman said, “I understand it’s a wonderful thing for a young woman to see Pam flying but in terms of her, I look at her as an individual with some tremendous skills.”

As the evidence of women’s ability increases exponentially, it follows that the foaming at the mouth misogynists among us are actually helping Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign by the sheer nastiness of their remarks.

Several times a week, Tucker Carlson goes ballistic over what he says he cannot understand ie why would women vote for a candidate just because she is a woman? “Gee,” he whines, “I never vote for a candidate just because, like me, he has a penis!” See? He thinks he is only his genitals. Earth to Tucker: “Be all that you can be.”

Mostly, he has males on as guests who are willing to pummel both Hillary and the women who admire her and would vote for her. Claiming that Barack never tries to get votes because he is an African-American, guest Cliff May asserted that Hillary is a Vaginal-American and seeks votes from women based on gender.

The all male panel laughed uproariously at that and protest mail came into MSNBC in truckloads, many comparing Carlson to Don Imus at his worst. But Carlson is only one of many sophomoric, sophmoronic, towel snappers who never mentally progressed beyond the high school locker room.

The report of an Imus comeback has the boyz thrilled to death. They could always depend on Imus to pillory Hillary and women in general with film and quotes they could embellish and play over and over.

They tumble all over each other to insist that Imus really did nothing wrong and anyway he apologized and has been punished long enough. These were the same ones that tut-tutted his blatantly sexist and racist labeling of a woman’s’ basketball team – at the time.

“POLITICO” reeks of misogynists of both genders as do many other so-called news sources. The M.O. is the same. They take a sentence out of some quote about Hillary and portray it as fact to their audience. It’s the old, “if you ain’t got the facts, make them up” game.

Wolff Blitzer and CNN spent most of the time reporting on the Republican debate by showing what they said about Hillary. Then parley this with advice to Barack that this was the kind of nasty stuff he should be saying about Hillary.

It is customary to go after the front runner but the media failed to do this in 2000. Bush skated while Kerry got berated. It is a mistake for anyone to think that our media reports the news when it is so obvious that they are actively engaged on creating and misrepresenting it.

Holding up more than their share of the sky has made women stronger and smarter. So the boyz shenanigans are backfiring on them. What they don’t seem to realize is that women internalize those hurtful remarks against Hillary. They feel the misogyny as surely as if it were directed at them – because it is.
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