Friday, October 19, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 043


Absolutely everything.

In the early years of life there was the boogey man, bicycle helmets and seatbelts. For the adult, there is the constant drumbeat of screening for this or that disease - adverts for pills and potions that will help one’s survival at least until next week.

Fear can be a good thing when it protects us; it can be irrational as in fear of the number 13 or black cats but it is catastrophic when we allow government propaganda to make us mindless.

What is hard to understand is the all consuming fear of much of the country concerning terrorists and the Towers in NYC that makes hardened Conservatives believe Giuliani is the second coming.

Most New Yorkers don’t see him this way. He did his job those days but just as important was his record and overall conduct as mayor. To them the real heroes were the fire, rescue and police officers.

The Midwest bible-belters, despite their formerly stanch stand for values [their values] in a president, apparently have dropped their insistence on values. Giuliani’s multiple marriages, unfaithfulness, cross dressing, connections with the mob, support for abortion and flip flopping pale in importance because they see a strong man who will protect them.

Yeah, the guy who put the disaster response team in the WTC even after it had already been attacked; the guy who failed to properly outfit the city’s fire and police. What are these Repugs thinking?

But many Dems are no different. They live in fear. Despite having a great group of smart, informed and competent presidential candidates, some, scared out of their wits, are clamoring for Al Gore to run.

Let him alone to continue to do the great environmental work he has started. Our candidate must be free to address the massive amount of crap left by the Bushies, not hampered by one all consuming interest.

To win the presidency, our candidate has to be stronger, meaner, smarter and tougher than Giuliani. S/he must not be saddled with a country full of crybabies who need a daddy-pacifier.

No matter who wins in the Repug Primary, most every Repug will hold their nose and vote for him. Many Dems, on the other hand, will only vote if their own person is nominated. That’s why they lose so many elections – self imposed fear fueled by their hatred.

One thing is sure, when the next election approaches, Bush and the Repugs will come up with some really scary propaganda hoping to drive the voters, which will include some scared Dems and Indys, for the third time - to a safe Republican, white, Christian Daddy.

And how scary is 8 more years of strong man “Bring them on” Giuliani-bush? Why can’t Democrats grow the hell up?
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