Friday, October 12, 2007


JmpjsGenderGappers 2007 – 042


It’s OK, we’re hep to your game; after all we have been hearing the words for eons. We may pretend to ignore them but you’ve not fooled us, not for a minute. We know you by your words, misogynists.

You know, the code words, the ones used most often as adjectives: what is called passionate in a male is called “emotional” in a female; forceful becomes “shrill”. We’ve heard these and more during this campaign season.

This week brought two more, endlessly repeated. Whereas the male candidates “engaged in a heated discussion” with someone in the crowd; the female in the same situation was, “snippy” and “fishwife-y”.

Another oldie but nasty one is how a “hearty laugh” describing what the male sounded like becoming a “cackle” when a female laughed. Yes, bring it on. We still don’t like it but we are building immunity to the hurt of being constantly compared to barnyard animals.

And this we know. Whenever most women hear those code words pronounced with the accompanying shit-eating grin, there is born another vote for Senator Clinton. So keep it up, pinheads. Your ignorance is our bliss.

Interestingly, when a male laughs it is usually ignored completely or he is called good humored. Yet when the female laughs, each laugh is dissected with a mixture of backroom politics of the 1900’s and psycobabble of the 21st century.

Feminism has been made a nasty word by the media so most women do not speak of it. Some even dis the whole idea preferring to be seen as getting where they are without help from federal laws.

But all women know the words that are used to demean them in the marketplace and in business, and there are many women out there in the electorate of both Parties who have not yet decided who they will vote for.

Who are these misogynists [woman haters] that use these sexist words? Men? Not so much – the Repugs mostly send in women to do the dirty work. But their strategy does not work because American women have already experienced the fembots and queen bees that the white male establishment hides behind.

So bring on the code-speak; women are thinking for themselves and they vote.
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