Friday, October 05, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 041


Yangon, Myanmar – A growing number of Myanmar’s largest city are shutting off the government-run nightly newscast to send the message that they are tired of listening to their propaganda. –AP

America’s royalty has to be the so-called journalists/pundits that we support and cosset. They form a group that can harass us at will for our sins and foibles yet seldom if ever have to face the same exposure of their own lives, number of marriages, bad acts of children or private peccadilloes.

With too few exceptions they share their power and temporary loyalty only with the highest bidder and give little thought to their own paucity of patriotism. To them money is right and might in every sense of the words.

Currently most of them major in causing fights between the presidential candidates. To do this they misquote, take out of context and outright lie about one candidate hoping to force an angry response from the opposing candidate that they can embellish into a counterattack.

With apologies to the animal, fantasy and slug kingdoms, the current crop reminds us of other creatures. Here are a few that come to mind; everyone can add your own to the zoo.

Who does not see a huge grinning toad when Tim Russet holds forth, stabbing an interviewee with malice from his long, probing tongue; and benignly tossing softballs to a privileged few?

Far from looking or being wolfish, Wolf Blitzer is the Cheshire Cat, whiskers and all. VP Cheney turned him into a purring blob of jello.

David Gregory is the wicked queen in Snow White. “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all”, as he dances with wolves.

Chris Matthews resembles a slug infested weather vane that swings to favor the one with power and money, then changes quickly in response to shifting of news events. One minute he wants to impeach Bush; the next marry him.

Howard Fineman resembles a know-it-all, supercilious, holier-than-thou French Poodle. Always injecting his opinions as if they came from God but never recanting when he is frequently proven wrong.

Tucker Carlson is hardly worth the effort to tune in to. He is that annoying buzzing fly, attracted to sweets and putrefied cadavers alike.

At Fox News, there is no standout as they all read from the same script. We have to borrow and revise from Dr. Doolittle – specifically the Push Me Pull Me - for a description. Picture one giant rectum, the mouth they all speak out of, in the forefront connected to the tiny heads of all the pundits and news readers.

All of the above and many others are paid plenty from the profits of what we buy from their advertisers. They exist as gods, never admitting or apologizing for their mistakes or learning from them. They moved this country into war and kept it there until the stink of their complicity woke people up.

They lull us into complacency and acceptance of the status quo; they affect our daily lives, influence our very thoughts and critique everyone in the country but are never made to undergo any scrutiny or lose their jobs for their mistakes. And we stupidly continue to support them because they claim to be our watchdog over the government.
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