Friday, January 26, 2007


For some time now the brainless talking heads have filled the airways with useless speculation. Will she run or won’t she? If she does she has too much baggage to win. If she doesn’t she’s gutless and won’t face up to the rigors of reporter’s questions.

They just can’t wait to sink their teeth into the political substance of Senator Hillary Clinton, biting and snarling and tearing off great chucks of non relevance. They gleefully declare that the media’s function is to ask the hard questions so the voting public can make the best decision for ’08. Ah, yes, the media as watchdog of American politics, yeah, right!

It would be fracking funny if the media hadn’t been poodling up to Bush for the last 6 years ignoring his lies and never asking the tough questions to anyone in the administration. Even worse, this same media has not given access to the opposition Party and the people they represent.

Now they are lining up, panting with ill-concealed glee, in a frenzy of being the first to dish some dirt or ask the nastiest questions so that other s of their ilk can rephrase and twist her answers in the most diabolic ways. All the time claiming this total media Swift Boating of Senator Clinton is in the name of public service.

The basis of this non-heroic melee is men’s most basic fear of women in power. Ask any woman who has been beaten up and they will tell you they showed their attacker a bit of strength, a bit of intelligence, a smidgen of courage and WHAM! Instant, uncontrollable anger.

In the coming days and months and years you will hear how a woman cannot be Commander-In-Chief; just not emotionally stable enough to push the nuclear button or send troops into combat.

Already, Chris Matthews, who vowed at the beginning of his Hard Ball spiel that he was going to be fair-minded [HA!], decided that she had lied when she claimed that she had planned to announce just before the S of U speech.

Then he endeavored to get all of his guests to agree that she did it because Senator Obama was getting so much media time. Kudoes to Jon Alter who pointed out that by announcing when she did, just before the weekend, got her a political coup. She got all the media attention with her brilliant tactics. And also kudos to Keith Olbermann who every evening takes the measure of Matthews and exposes his deceitfulness.

Of course the old chestnut was brought out that Hillary might win the Dem nomination but she could never carry the country. Newspapers and commentators spoke of New Mexico’s Governor Richardson as “throwing his sombrero into the ring” and there were several references to both the new Speaker and Senator Clinton as chicks.

Betcha there won’t be any watermelon jokes.
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