Friday, February 02, 2007


The candy assed wimpy wimps aren’t all on the Repug side; for shear hypocrisy check out nearly every Democrat list or blog and read what those who think themselves strong liberated women write.

But first, think back to what they were writing, and still write about how spineless and cowardly the Dems in Congress have been. Day after day they posted derisive comments about the do-nothing minority Democratic Congress members who were scared to fend off the Repugs.

Now these same critics don’t have the guts or intelligence to be open minded enough to consider a woman president. It seems that for many women, if it hasn’t got male genitals it cannot be adequate for the office – they need a daddy/hubby figure to gush on about.

How they rave about a “Big Al” or a “Senator Dreamboat” as they deride another candidate for being too short. They aren’t considering a leader for their country’s and their children’s future. They are fantasying a sexual object.

They never consider that a man would be influenced by his wife yet they condemn Senator Clinton outright and claim that if she were elected it would be because people would think former President Clinton would be running things and telling her what to do.

These same detractors would have a bird if someone defined them as being a puppet spouting whatever their husband’s viewpoints were. They are airheads like that senator who, following the S of the U speech, grabbed Bush and wouldn’t let him go until he kissed her.

And when they do mention Senator Clinton, it is only to parrot the lies and innuendos that Repugs have been spouting for years. They don’t know these to be facts but rather than discover the truth of things, they happily coat the Senator with Repug crud. Many sound worse than Dick Morris or the openly Repug hate Hillary blogs.

It might be really hard but it would be worth it if these Democratic women would open their minds and discover the qualifications of the Senator as well as those of others running for the nomination.

And keep this open mind throughout the Primary season. Pick a presidential candidate, not a lover-boy – you’re not 12 anymore; act your age and act like a mature, intelligent person worthy of being called a woman.

Or just keep on as you have been doing with your head up your vagina making metaphorical goo-goo eyes at the males with your childish posts to your Democratic lists and blogs. But if you truly want a change in your government from the Bush mentality, grow up.

Women Presidents - 1945-2007 - 36 UNITED STATES = 0

One succeeded another woman president.

Women Prime Ministers - 1945-2005

39 of them

Angela Merkel - DOB 1954 Federal Chancellor of Germany from 22 Nov 2005.

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