Friday, January 19, 2007


Wake up and smell the cordite, America! You are being blackmailed into supporting continuous wars for the Bush plan to dominate the world’s oil. First because Congress will not leave our troops without support and next because you think winning is all important.

That’s right; it seems to be all about winning and the Bush administration is counting on the sports ethic saturated populace to support them even as it claims to be reluctant to support continuous wars.

Yes, America. Bush and company have you by your short hairs and will send your children into battle and certain injuries or death to appease the oil cartel. Push has become surge has become augmentation has become… a word change but not a policy change.

And do you remember an incident called Katrina? Or that Senator Joe Lieberman promised that if he were reelected and became chair of the Homeland Security committee that he would investigate the actions of the administration?

Well now he is the chair but he has refused to investigate a situation that cries out in the name of humanity for investigation and solutions. He holds the Democratic majority in the Senate hostage as he toadies to Bush’s every wish. Blackmail by Lieberman.

If the Democrats kick him out of this chairmanship, doubtless he would change his allegiance and caucus with the Republicans further hamstringing the efforts to find solutions to the ignored devastations caused by Katrina and the ever accelerating wars.

And how do the media handle this? Typically, it fixates on making Bush look good and avoiding commenting on his lies and past escalations. Lots of comments on how bravely he stood alone, praising his “steadfastness” and his choice of necktie.

“The substance of the speech--its assumptions, claims and policy direction was not subjected to any scrutiny. There was no analysis of likely consequences especially the threats to attack Syria and Iran. In short, there was no reporting. How is this possible on an event that had been hyped for a week and whose key tenets were well known BEFORE it was delivered?...” [read rest of the article here]

“We live in a time when comedians outdo pundits. Here's Jay Leno: "President Bush is expected to announce that he is now sending more troops to Iraq, despite the fact that his generals, his military analysts, members of Congress, and most of the American people are against the idea. The reason he is doing it? To give Iraq a government that responds to the will of the people." [read rest of article here]

We will not get our country back until we collectively force the media to do its job instead of remaining the poodle of the corporate interests that now own it, lock, stock and bullshit.
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libhom said...

I love your analysis, especially on media issues. I don't know what I would do without WBAI here in NYC.