Friday, January 12, 2007


Last year produced a new word, well several in fact, but we refer to pluto. When the planetary peeps demoted Pluto and it became just another rock circling the sun, it produced an emotional reaction in the general public. We hope to tie into that.

Now the word pluto has come to mean “to demote or devalue someone or something”. Of course for many of us it will always be the name of that hunk of rock and also the name of a loveable pooch.

As this word finds its way into more and more speech patterns, it seems that at the top of the list must be, “America used to be a country admired for its values and its people but now it is plutoed.”

The questions that must be answered: are the oil fields of Iraq worth it and will newly elected Democrats go along with Bush to preserve them? Of course, Congress cannot pull out the troops even if they wanted to but they can cut the funds and face media, Republican and WH charges that they abandoned our service men and women.

In addition, it is a certainty that the Civil War in Iraq would continue and that mayhem would be laid at the feet of the newly elected Democratic majority.

Whatever then is to be done? The answer lies not in our congress, president or media, but in our selves – to paraphrase Shakespeare. If the American people want to withdraw our forces then they must speak up.

Sure, this will take time away from TV and all the sports, reality shows, soaps and other avoidance therapy but it would be well worth it. We must confront the media head on. Surely we all have seen how political talkers like Chris Matthews on Hard Ball are suddenly saying what we all have known for ages, but never admitting that he was kissing Bush’s patootie for the last six years.

Confront them – sending them more money won’t do it. These same people are also still chewing away at the Democrats even though they never used to criticize the bush boys when they were the majority. This must stop and it will stop if we the people harass their asses off.

Constant and never ending phone calls, letters, e-mails to their advertisers and boycott of those sponsor’s products will get their attention fast. Then the barrage should be directed at all the media, the president and the Congress.

It’s bloody well time they learned who is in charge here. We’ve let them pluto us long enough.
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