Saturday, August 26, 2006


A traditional roast features a guest of honor and a group of people who say good natured, humorous, outlandish and sometimes crude remarks about the guest of honor all in a spirit of fun. And most important, the roastee gets to answer and roast her/his roasters in turn.

Rovian politics uses the roast motif but his game is nothing like a roast. It lacks the good humor, the grace and the give and take.

It adds vicious lies and promotes hatred turning them into political depth charges against any person who dares to say, do or appear in the same area or organization, as anyone who is against the Bush policies.

Once Rove initiates the initial slime it is issued to the lap-dog columnists and TV pundit-gabbers as talking points. This keeps the slime moving all over the media and blogs so many people are exposed to it.

Most remember the Swift Boat slime that was so successfully used against Kerry in the last presidential election. Nearly every day there is another person or organization slimed by the Republican slime lords.

On this Women’s Equality Day, August 26, 2006, we celebrate the latest person to be slimed, and nominate Judge Anna Diggs Taylor as Woman of the Year. Finally someone stood up and called Bush what he is -- a criminal.

Judge Taylor, a federal judge in Detroit, struck down the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance policy last Thursday. She called it unconstitutional and illegal abuse of presidential power.

Of course the Bush Justice Department quickly filed a notice of appeals which effectively delays Judge Taylor’s ruling to immediately halt the NSA Program.

Just as quickly, the judge was denounced for being Liberal, a woman, a tool of the ACLU and of course, their stock in trade, a person who wants to help the terrorists.

It is terrible when public figures are lied about as it encourages the nut cases to plan harmful actions. We’ve seen how judges have been a target in the recent past and must applaud the courage of Judge Taylor who surely knew what kind of Hell her findings would bring.

We all must lend our support to her and a group has already set up a web-site where we can send Judge Taylor our words of support and find a link to her entire decision.

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