Friday, August 18, 2006


We are hearing a chilling deja vu from Bush and his mob. Just go back and read the news following 9/11 and note how quickly Iraq appears. Remember the mushroom cloud illusion to make us think nuclear bomb?

That was then and now the country is Iran. Bush is frothing at the mouth to start bombing that country, insisting that it is threatening us with nuclear rockets.

Seymour Hersh, veteran investigative reporter, has laid out the whole wargasmic crowd’s plan and it is eerily similar to what was written pre-preemptive invasion of Iraq.

So here we are once more. Will we let Bush do this to us again? He fooled and scared us many times and shame on him but if we go along again, shame on us and heaven help this country.

Think where we might be if we had put our energy and effort into Afghanistan and never taken on the futile and illegal invasion of Iraq. We entered the battle in Afghanistan because 9/11 plans were hatched there by terrorist who were protected by the Taliban.

Now a neglected Afghanistan is being led by its warlords back into their old style of life under the Taliban. Remember how Laura Bush gushed about how Afghanistani women were now free and that they could vote, hold jobs, go to school and dress as they wished? Here’s just one report from last year:

Never happened! Human Rights Watch tells us that now the plight of women there is humongous. They are raped and beaten in their homes, and if they go outside they are tortured by the Taliban Vice Squads.

The right to education that Laura gushed Afghani women had, if it ever existed, is now revoked. They cannot leave their homes unless they are completely covered and accompanied by a male family member.

This is a good example of the whore-values of the wargasmic Bush regime. This is the culmination of the tragedy they brought to this country. First they drove out the Taliban warlords then they turned their Christian backs and let Osama and his group go free.

Now Afghanistan is once again a huge producer of poppies for the drug trade. The standard of living has toppled and as usual, the main group to suffer is women – and we know how Republicans hate women.

As if all this was not enough there is now a polio epidemic plaguing these people while the Bushies turn their backs and contemplate a preemptive invasion of Iran.
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