Saturday, August 12, 2006


GenderGappers 2006 – 033


"It is a mistake to believe there is no threat to the United States of America," Bush said this week.
“We are fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here.” Bush has often given as a reason for his preemptive Iraq war. How can anyone trust this liar with their lives?

Hold off on the celebrations – the election for a Senator from Connecticut is not until November. Money will flow between now and then and you can be sure much of it will come from Republican sources.

Already Ken Mehlman, Party chief, is saying the defeatist wing of the Democratic Party won. We’ll see further inferences that these left wing Dems are too weak to defend the country; that they are cowards and unpatriotic.

They call Joe a patriotic progressive who wants to end the nasty fights between the Republicans and Democrats so good laws can be made for the American people. A dizzying spin but one we’ve often heard.

They want their boy Joe back and who can blame them? He has been a loyal supporter of Bush. That brings up the big problem Democrats have. They tend to call it as they see it and to hell with Party loyalty.

Compare this to the way the Republicans got so strong that they took over all three branches of government. They obeyed what Ronald Regan called, “the 13th Commandment”. Never speak ill of another Republican.

So Delay was obviously a crook? Not according to any Republican who saw all the evidence and still saw no evil. And this was true of all the other crooks who, blinded by the power they had, dipped into the get rich pool without a thought for the consequences.

Watch how cleverly the Rovian gangs cover up the obvious implications of the Connecticut Primary. They don’t want the country thinking that it was the Iraq debacle that caused the large turnout to turn out Holy Joe, so they will drag in spin, and emphasize whatever they can in the news to obliterate it.

The present conflict in Lebanon is a fertile field to use to turn the conversations and minds of the country away from Iraq. Whereas we are not allowed to see the rows of flag draped coffins of our Iraqi dead, we now can often see the rows of coffins filled with the bodies of Lebanese.

And all around this Middle East area there are hot spots to heat up. Joe Heller drew a great cartoon showing this: one panel shows the axis of evil in 2002 was Iraq, N. Korea and Iran – a triangle.

On another panel for 2006, Heller draws the dodecahedron of evil: Hezbollah, Insurgents, bin Laden, AlQuida, Iraq, Hamas, Radicalized Muslims, Syria, Shite Militants, North Korea, Iran, Suni Militants, Pakistan Warlords, Afghan Taliban and all other America haters.

The caption shows Bush saying, “Let’s just say it’s gotten a little complicated…” Sure appears to be plenty there to once again pull the wool of American foreign policy over the complacent eyes of the American electorate.
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