Saturday, August 05, 2006


We’ve been walking and looking around our neighborhood imagining what it would be like if bombs were dropping and buildings and people were blowing up.

As a country, we have mostly blindly followed Bush’s fantasy spin of the destruction of the two huge towers in New York City shortly after he took control of our defenses against terrorism.

An act of terrorism he claims came from evil-doers from outside the country; so powerful they prevented NORAD’s early response -- so powerful the evil-doer leader’s family was allowed to leave for their home in Saudi Arabia while everyone else was grounded.

Prior to this, NORAD had an excellent record of immediate response to threats. Who ordered it to stand down in the face of multiple hijackings on September 11th?

That was then and now it is vitally important that we leave vengeance by impeachment aside for the moment and concentrate on stopping this destructive man and his Party from inflicting still further harm in the next two years.

The Leadership of Congress must be taken back in November. Rove’s dirty trick squad is in full cry to prevent that from happening. We know many of his tactics but one in particular especially affects women.

Throughout the country, Republicans are running and financing women to run for open seats with the certainty that women will preferably vote for other women – even if they are Republican.

In many cases, these candidates may be well qualified people and the temptation is great but women must resist. It is vital that we put a Congress in place that will curb Bush’s power over the next two years. Waiting any longer may be too late.

That means the majority Party must be Democratic. Forget about revenge and impeachment – we must first to get our country up and running . We need to get our ports and boarders safe. We need to get the troops home and work on our reputation with the rest of the world.

We must break the back of Bush’s use of fear to make people vote for his Party and one way we can do that is by preventing Karl Rove from controlling women’s votes.

Bush has used his pseudo-religious reverence to make himself appear godly to his base. The inference is that god is directing his actions.

Outback of beyond getting Republican/Bush power off our backs and stop them from completely destroying the world, we can vote for women on their merits instead of their gender or Party. Now we dare not!
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