Friday, May 12, 2006


It would be a really big joke if it wasn’t so darn serious. The Democrats/Progressives are mostly engaged in convincing themselves that they are going to win big in November, take the Congress and investigate Bush and other Republicans right out of office.

They are ROFLTAO at all the scandals and taking great delight in every word or picture that denigrates Bush or any member of his administration. Schadenfreude rules!

They are having so much fun that they are not paying attention to history – history they have been living for the past six years. Like children they have forgotten that those who ignore the lessons of the past are destined to repeat them.

Surely we should remember how Bush lied us into a preemptive war with Iraq and selectively used intelligence to boost his desire to invade that country.

Surely now that he is making the same sort of case against Iran, we should see the similarities. The media talking heads should be on this like flies on manure, checking out every claim Bush says come from the intelligence services.

And where are the Democratic Congressional members who cried loudly that Bush fudged the facts when asking for a vote to go to war? Instead all we hear is our Reps once again backing Bush without question and agreeing that Iran is a danger, even though many experts say it will be years before they can be a nuclear threat.

Meanwhile, Bush is taunting and disrespecting the leaders of Iran just as he did with Saddam Hussein, trying to provoke them into making threats or moves that will justify his ordering a bombing of their country.

Common courtesy would dictated that Bush at the very least, reply politely to the letter from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Instead he and Condi have turned up their noses and turned their backs on civility.

He’ll attack Iran, of course, on the pretext that this country is in grave danger of attack from weapons of mass destruction. And if one is still unconvinced of his motives, look at who he is putting in as head of a civilian agency, the CIA; a general of the Air Force.

Now all intelligence will be under Rummy’s control and by extension, Cheney’s and Bush’s. Again the people’s representatives will be made impotent.

How soon again will we hear the words, “Well, I did vote for the war but then I voted against it”? Back then, most of Congress just took Bush and Rummy and the rest at their word but they should be smarter now.

Will we let Bush continue with his endless wars while our country suffers? Remember that it is not a sure thing that Democrats will win a majority in November or the Presidency in ’08. Long before that, Cheney will resign and Bush will put John McCain in as VP to continue his endless wars.

Following Bush and the Religious Rychus’s God has not gotten us very far. In Viet Nam, Buddha defeated us and in Iraq, Mohammed is kicking our butts.
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