Friday, May 05, 2006


Telling the truth to power – what a novel concept!

“Over the top”, cried Fox News, and the rest of the scared rabbit traditional Newsies tucked their tails between their legs and acted shocked.

But the blogs and many Internet sites gleefully printed and presented Colbert’s “Heil to the Chief” and it was refreshing.

While the chock full of themselves media mavens were sputtering their righteous indignation, none seemed to remember how they laughed and clapped a few years back when a 21 carat jerk named Don Imus, in a similar situation, grossly attacked the President and First Lady on a personal subject.

Nor did they mention how they had piled on to his attack forever after on that same personal subject; or how Imus made that speech an often used insert on his daily show whenever he needed to feel important.

Colbert didn’t stoop to the personal so Bush was getting the Colbert- wood put to him for his crimes against the Country and the Constitution. And that angered the puffed-up denizens of the media world even more. They were sulking because their lousy job of reporting over the last four years was being exposed to the public.

Their reporting of the event was typical. They raved about Bush’s skit with his look alike and ignored the genius of Colbert. Somehow they have the idea that if they do not report something it doesn’t happen.

But they are in for a surprise. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, the rising tide of the Internet is going to sink those media sycophants. An informed and angry electorate will more and more rely on other sources for its news.

For the blogs and Progressive radio are telling Americans about several things that Bush has done and the media has not reported. High among his crimes is his long time practice of signing a bill passed by Congress and then issuing a signing statement that said in effect – “this does not apply to me, I am above these laws.”

Examples of the president's signing statements
Boston Globe, United States - Apr 30, 2006
Since taking office in 2001, President Bush has issued signing statements on more than 750 new laws, declaring that he has the power to set aside the laws when ...

If that doesn’t cause us to shudder, all the indications seem to be pointing to his determination to start another war, this time with Iran. The media isn’t fighting him or exposing him on this.

Adding to our pain are the Democrats in Congress who were silent so long on Iraq and are hiding in the bull rushes, hoping we won’t notice.

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