Friday, November 04, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 046


Now that Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald has slightly lifted the scab from the suppurating boil of lies and crimes that is the Bush administration, can we hope that the so called investigating reporters will stick a fingernail in the opening Fitz made and pry it wide open?

There’s plenty more to investigate and it won’t get done by a press corps sitting around in the “Gaggle” asking questions which are not answered. One would think these reporters would be sick of being constantly shown up by bloggers.

Astounding that following the indictment of Scooter, the Sunday talking heads were genially talking about what Bush could do to “come back”. Tim Russert even suggested that the Democrats should cooperate, and not resist him in his “recovery” if he reaches out to them.

Bush come back?! What are they thinking! Is nothing going to be held against this man who is responsible for lying us into a preemptive war and the murder of thousands? Why on earth should Democrats cooperate with this man?

For some time we thought most of the Congressional Dems were too milquetoast and subservient, as portrayed in a recent Joe Heller cartoon. It showed an elephant in a GOP car with all the wheels falling off [Katrina, Iraq, Delay, Frist] at the starting gate of a race. The elephant is about to race a donkey in another car. The elephant says, “I suppose you’ll take advantage of the situation and take the lead.” The donkey responds, “Are you kidding?!! The president said we’re not to make any unnecessary trips!”

Not true any longer. Minority Leader of the Senate, “Dirty Harry” Reid took the Repugs by surprised and called an audible: Rule 21. This closed the Senate so secrete material might be discussed. A bold move and it could not be stopped by the bully-boys of the majority.

Majority leader, Frist and other Repugs went outside howling and whining to the press, calling Reid’s legitimate motion, a hijack of the Senate. Media mavens were taken off guard and stuttered on about Reid “shutting down the Senate”, parroting Frist’s apoplexic rant until someone found out about Rule 21. Then the media moved in as if they had invented the rule themselves, but the truth is that they were caught as flat footed as the Repugs.

By their bold move, the Democrats forced a public unmasking of how the majority had failed to investigate the fabricated intelligence used by Bush to bring us into war in Iraq. It also appeared to wake up a slumbering media that needs to investigate and put the FREE back into Free Press.

There are still liars in the White House staff that are not yet indicted. One, referred to as “A” is Karl Rove. Is the letter A short for A-hole? Bush and company appear
to be ignoring whole mess, emulating Alfred K. Newman, “What, me worry?”

Others in the VP’s staff, obviously connected to the outing of Valerie Wilson, have been promoted to fill Scooter Libby’s positions. This is not surprising as it is the modus operendi of this administration. Chutzpah on crack!

The Bushies just lie, deny, ignore and blame the Democrats and terrorists as it continues to polish its halo that apparently is a beacon of great attraction for much of the media. Despite the implications of the Libby indictment, both Tim Russert and Chris Matthews are still acting positively ga-ga and kissy face over Bush.

A strange ménage-a-trois even for Republicans.
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