Friday, November 18, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 047

GenderGappers 2005 – 047


Lift your head and smell the breeze – it contains hints of 2008 manifested by the emergence of prospective candidates who are already being interviewed by media political mavens.

The old guys that have already run round the track have not yet come forth to grace the green rooms of TV. But they are making frequent trips to New Hampshire and Ohio, proclaiming that they have reached no decision as yet; just testing the water by visiting old friends.

Among the new guys a trend is beginning as the pundits seek to sex-up the process that is still three years down the road. Here they take their cue from the success the Repugs have had in diminishing the influence and stature of the Democratic Party.

Surely you have seen it over the years and it happens on network and cable. The pundits and reporters ask questions of their guests about what the Repugs are doing and a serious discussing ensues. Then the Dems are referenced and everyone laughs and smiles. There are usually comments that question whether the Dems are still a Major National Party.

This came to an abrupt halt after Dirty Harry Reid took the Repugs to the woodshed and the media by surprised forcing the Senate and the media to note the massive dereliction of duty by the Senate Majority. It also exposed more lies by the Repugs and now the laughter has stopped.

Well, stopped in that situation but it has emerged in another; this time among the Dem newbies to the 2008 race. First the interviewer establishes that the newbie is “considering” a run for president and then asks serious questions.

Then invariably comes the need to spice up the interview. Note that they do not ask the maybe-candidate how he would feel about running against Kerry or Gore or Edwards. No indeed, mano-a-mano is old hat. Who really cares?

With a scarcely concealed grin and a twinkling in the eye, the interviewer asks, “How do you feel about possibly running against Hillary?” Both laugh and trade knowing body language most women can read and most men exhibit to show contempt.

Then they turn serious and the pre-candidate “damns her with faint praise”, spinning out words expressing what a great person Hillary is and what a formidable candidate she would make but he is obvious glossing over of true feelings. The derisive smile indicated true feelings, the message that he wants to pass on to voters.

Sadly, it matters little whether the interviewer is male or female. The women pundits and reporters are trained by men and have sublimated whatever intelligence they were born with to exhibit the discriminatory stones demanded of the job.

It’s not just the Republicans that are afraid of a Hillary candidacy; Democratic male candidates are sweating buckets at the thought of being on stage debating with anyone so intelligent and so experienced in both national and international affairs.

Shame, shame on them for using Repug dirty tricks to besmirch a talented woman from their own Party! Expect it to get worse with the gender card played over and over. Expect to hear how “polarizing” she is; “how unwomanly; must be a lesbo” as her own team, her own Party boys try to knock down her poll numbers before the Primary.

But they should tread lightly for “Hell hath nor fury like a woman scorned”, and Hillary’s brass balls have been tempered in the fierce storms encountered during 8 years in the White House.
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