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In a major shakeup at the Democratic National Committee -- and a departure from tradition -- large parts of the committee's operations are relocating to Chicago to be fully integrated with the Obama campaign. - Ben Smith Blog
Yup, you heard it right. BO is moving HIS Party to Chicago, taking most of the DNC out of the corruption of DC and its bad old lobbyists and bringing it to the strong-arm grittiness of the Daley’s graduate school of dirty political tricks.

The new name for the Democratic National Committee: Obama Idolaters National Committee – OINC. “Chicago corruption: decades of sleeze” – Anglachel

One thing very noticeable is how nearly every word spoken or written that is critical of BO is immediately called racists. Those very commentators and pundits who were so tone deaf to sexism have become hyper in defense of their Precious.

If you read the material at the following URL, have a barf-bag handy. It’s a hair curler.

Now that Hillary has been forced out of contention by super delegate and OINC pressure, some of the mean stream media are finally waking up to what she endured.

Katie Couric attributed the latent sexism contributed, in part, to Hillary's defeat.
She referred to one "prominent member of the commentariat" who said he "found it hard to be objective when it came to Obama."

"That's your job," she remembers thinking when hearing this, before suggesting that he "find another line of work."

Chris Matthews still has no idea. He thinks all women are hostage to Roe v Wade: "[W]omen are low-hanging fruit, though, in the terms of politics. You can reach up and say, 'I'm pro-choice, he's not.'

Many have questioned the appropriateness of Olbermann — and his primary-night partner Chris Matthews — anchoring election night coverage while espousing strong opinions of his own. During coverage of the Montana and South Dakota primaries, Tom Brokaw, on air, took him to task for alleging that Hillary Clinton was "trying to shoe-horn her way into" the night of McCain's and Obama's speeches. Brokaw later claimed that the press drumbeat for Clinton's exit from the race — of which Olbermann was a major part — was "inappropriate," and it was "commentary disguised as reporting." The current wave of the backlash against Olbermann was sparked by Time television critic James Poniewozik, who wrote last month (after Olbermann's "Special Comment" on Hillary Clinton's RFK remarks) that Olbermann "sounds like just another of the cable gasbags he used to be a corrective to." - fishbowlDC

Jossip writes: “Keith Olbermann's popular segment is as much a place to criticize world leaders guilty of human rights violations as it is for him to defend his own.”

Phil Griffin [at MSNBC] has to repair a fractured audience base, a portion of which saw sexism in his network’s Clinton coverage and vowed to boycott MSNBC. Griffin said of the relationship between Olbermann and the Clinton supporters among his viewers. “And then you commit yourself to him, and he turns out to be a jerk and difficult and brutal. And that is how the Hillary viewers see him. It’s true.”

Hillary Clinton not for sale:

There are still many Hillary supporters who know rape whenever it happens no matter what form it may take. The following cartoon is clever, but sharply reflects the truth of what the BO unity pony means to women.

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