Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Never mind, they’ll come back. They always do, you know. Women get cruelly battered and still keep returning to their batterer. BUT NOT THIS TIME!

"No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her self." - Susan B. Anthony, 1872

We still support Hillary despite the combined power of the Democratic Party hacks, the Media Whores, and the illicit money men of the Obama campaign who have waged a vicious, nasty, hate filled, sexist campaign against her.

They continually battered her and when they battered her, they battered us.

All the sweet talk in the world will not force us to return to and embrace the demagogues of the DNC. Howard Dean, you were months too late in your recent speech condeming the battering of Hillary by your Party and your chosen candidate.

All the sweet talk from the candidate who demeans working, professional women calling them “sweety”, does not excuse how he encouraged his followers to demean and disrespect Hillary by his words, his tone and his gestures.

When BO flipped the bird to Hillary, he flipped it to us. We got the message loud and clear. You scorned her and you will continue to scorn women, expecting them to come back into your fold as battered women have always done.

Hillary got the majority of votes cast in this Primary. She lost most of the caucuses because working men and women, the ill and infirm and many others could not attend to stand for her.

The DNC stole Michigan votes from her and gave them to BO; it also gave him the “uncommited” votes so all these voters were disenfranchised and, he had taken his name off the ballot and refused to allow a fair and open revote.

And please don’t threaten us with Roe v. Wade. We don’t fall for that canard anymore. BO praised and voted for Chief Justice Roberts. Below is just one representative comment written by a Boomer.

"If my younger sisters lose Roe Wade it will be their own fault for taking the rights they have for granted, because they didn't fight for them. They are complacent and can take the time to swoon over a sexy empty suit who has already set gender relations back a minimum of 30 years, and we haven't even gotten to the General Election campaign yet. Serves them right. Not my problem. I know how not to get pregnant.

”It's my job to protect the rights I fought for that matter to me. This is a misogynist's campaign and if younger women are too busy spawning over Leland Gaunt handing out Needful Things and discussing his vibrating phone when he leans on one of them, then they will have to learn to take the consequences of their own folly along with the consolations. Maybe then they will Get It. I have already done well in my life. Complacency is their enemy, not mine. Let em eat cell phones."

Do not underrate the power of the PUMA. Hell has no fury like generations of informed, intelligent women scorned.

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