Sunday, March 23, 2008


It’s time to take a moth-eaten myth out and give it a shakeup. The old chestnut that women will bite the bullet and vote for BO because of abortion, and because the Dem Party bosses support him is DOA.

Nothing has show women how ineffective, weak and unconcerned our Dem elected lawmakers are in supporting women’s right to choose. For that matter, even after attaining a majority, they mostly sat back and let the minority Republicans have their way in everything. One of Speaker Nancy’s first moves was to take impeachment off the table - Free ride for Bush/Cheney.

Early on when Roberts and Alito were proposed for the Supremes, most Dem Senators went along and voted for them with hardly a murmur. Even Pat Leahy of Vermont, who claimed he was a champ for women’s rights, when he was running for reelection, bent over and spread them.

Women mostly get bupkiss from the Dems, yet women have been the most loyal voting bloc, the hardest workers and are still largely unrepresented. Events in this presidential primary have more than proven how the DNC has been the moving force to defeat HRC’s bid to become the Dem nominee by promoting BO’s campaign of misogyny and sexism.

Women have noted how many of the Dem leaders have done nothing to correct media reporting they know to be false. They have also noted how many of them actually pile on to criticize the Clinton campaign, echoing the media.

Enough! There is a limit to being constantly nice and dependable patsies. As more and more women and their supporters become aware of what is being chucked down their throats they are determined that since fairness does not prevail, they will vote McCain 19% or stay home 13%.

And this doesn’t even count the number of disenfranchised voters who went out and voted for HRC in Florida and Michigan. BO has declared these votes to be null and void, with the dithering, idiotic backing of the DNC. They know BO has prevented any re-voting too.

While declaring that the Super Delegates must vote for the winners in their states, the DNC and BO campaign find it A- OK when NM Gov. Richardson, Senator Ted Kennedy and others ignore the vote of their states to support BO.

Plenty of women just are not going to vote for someone who has divided this country into little pieces: by gender, by age, by race, by religion and by claiming that all whites are typical and racists. Bye, bye DNC Party bosses – keep your penis rulz and false promises for the GE and McCain. You have no credibility left. You’ve let women down to often.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!is right. I'm hearing more and more women decrying Obam's nasty tactics and blaming Hillary for playing the race card when it has been him playing all alomg.