Friday, March 07, 2008


GenderGappers 2008 – 012


Finally it seems people are realizing that Barack Obama [BO] is an empty suit with a megaphoneyed preacher’s voice. Many voters woke up and got turned off by his Johnny-one-note calls for change without specifics. Style, yes - substance, no.

It is not so surprising that people are finding out there is no there, there. When he announced his candidacy he likened himself to Abraham Lincoln. The media made much of another tall, lanky Lincolnesque candidate coming out of Illinois.

From then on, he wrapped himself into one great American after another. Why? Because when one has little experience or substance, one either fakes it or steals the accomplishments of someone else.

So his campaign continually presented him to the crowds in the pseudo-regalia of a known hero, letting the luster of the real person encompass BO, thus giving him form and function.

This way the myth of a movement was built up with the aid of college students and an adoring media. By restricting his early appearances to college campuses, they created the illusion that thousands of citizens flocked to hear him. Then the illusion became a reality but one based on falsehood.

At various times before Super Tuesday, he was presented as another Martin Luther King II or the first black Jack Kennedy; the latter with the blessing of brother Ted Kennedy.

BO so obviously believed in his own omnipotence that he was caught off stride when the once friendly media, with the help of the Canadian Government discovered his feet of clay. So instead of owning up to bad judgment, he lied. Other chickens from his Chicago days also came home to roost.

Chris Matthews, who now gets thrills in his legs when he hears BO speak, had forgotten how he had formerly panned him for having NO record of accomplishments when he ran for the Senate. He was painfully reminded of this on his own program.

Todd Spivak wrote in a lengthy and comprehensive article: “I called some of my contacts in the Illinois Legislature. I ran through a list of black Chicago lawmakers who had worked with Obama, and was surprised to learn that many resented him and had supported other candidates in the U.S. Senate election. Anybody but Obama," the late state Representative Lovana Jones told me at the time.

His connections to the accused slumlord, Tony Resco, had been out there for weeks without the media noticing. But when Resco was brought to trial, it was big enough so even the media could either smell it, or tripped over it, and started asking BO real questions. At one point, he ran away from reporters questioning him and resorted to sulking, claiming the media was picking on him.

Following his several defeats in Super Tuesday II, his reaction was to whine and blame the media and HRC. This characteristic of blaming others for his own mistakes is hard to miss if one examines his history.

But the media has given him pass after pass. A marked contrast to the way it has treated HRC. Dana Milbank, the Washington Post national political reporter, told the truth back in December: “The press will savage her no matter what ... they really have the knives out for her, there’s no question about it ... Obama gets significantly better coverage.”

BO happily accused HRC of lying and made other personal attacks against her during some of the debates, always denying that they were negative attacks. Now he is crying like a baby because his past has come out to bite him in the ass. He has declared himself pure and thus above the fray and resents being exposed. He calls everything negative attacks if it does not compliment him.

BO, a latter day Icarus, has flown high, using the wax and feathers of famous men. If he should be nominated and elected president, his trip to the sun will bring us all down in flames with him.


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