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It’s all coming down to the how you see it through the cracked and broken prism of the media. The BO cult is right out in the open but ignored by the media, disrupting caucuses, constantly blogging comments derogating age, Latino/a, women and lesser-educated working people. This attitude is led and encouraged by BO wife, Michelle.

From the latest New Yorker--a profile on Michelle Obama. [We aren't in Laura-land any more]. “I want to rip his [Bill Clinton] eyes out!” she said, clawing at the air with her fingernails. One of her advisers gave her a nervous look. “Kidding!” M. Obama said. “See, this is what gets me into trouble.”

But still hidden, by the candidate and most all of the media is the information about BO’s past that should be exposed to public view and discussed just as HRC’s has been.

Hidden also is the mean stream media’s refusal to blame BO for dividing the Democratic Party; for endangering the election; for refusing compromises; for energizing racism and for his and his campaign’s many unreported sexist slurs and complaints.

Twin to this is the media’s rampant protection of BO and its active participation intent in insuring his nomination. This is seen not only in TV programs that masquerade as news, but also nearly all of the hosts on Air America Radio who not only provide positive comment to him but also denigrate HRC.

Most are extremely biased and unfair, but two stand out for their vehemence and continuous use of misinformation concerning HRC to make BO appear a victim. They are AAR’s Randy Rhodes and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann whose vendetta against HRC grows nastier with each broadcast, culminating on March 13th with a ranting tirade against her that earns him our PATRONIZING PUTZ award.

On his March 10th broadcast he spent nearly all of the first 20 minutes demonizing her, even to the point of linking her, in character, to the unfolding Eliot Spitzer scandal. He uses the same nasty, accusatory toned voice that he uses when he is castigating someone in his Edward R Morrow moments or doing his Worst Persons in the World skits.

He makes much of BO getting Republican votes as an indication of his broad appeal but he claims that the large Republican vote going to HRC were only cast by those wanting BO defeated.

Among a host of other charges of dishonesty, he claimed her foreign policy experience in Kosovo and Northern Ireland were lies, despite the fact that all of what she has said has been fact checked. All the information may be found at:

[Hillary gave what Northern Irish leader and Nobel Laureate John Hume described as "decisive support" to the peace process in Northern Ireland, including her focus on the participation of women.]

At the end of the program Keith showed a clip from SNL with the introduction that “HRC’s campaign would not be happy with this one and were probably on the phone complaining”. It showed her being wakened up by a call from BO in the White House. He was tearful and distraught from a call he had gotten and was asking her what he should do.

Olbernann concentrated on HRC’s appearance as if that was the whole skit. Her SNL double was covered with layers of makeup and it was not flattering by any means but it surely was not as damning as the sight of BO’s double in tears, at wit’s end begging her to tell him what to do.

Could it be that Keith was trying to deflect the damning portrait of BO and make his listeners and viewer concentrate on how awful the HRC character looked? This is just one more example of the occult – the media cover-up to the rescue, a recurring theme.

Randy Rhodes is shameless in her many attacks. She only takes calls from people who agree with her and call her the goddess, with an occasional call from a nutter that she talks over to drown out and then claims she is allowing the opposition to speak. Opposition posts to her blog are met with threats and are not posted.

One of her latest is to spend three hours a day deny all the information about BO’s people going to the Canadian Government and claiming that it was really HRC’s people who did this and then blamed BO. The fact that this has been denied many times by the Canadians does not deter her. Once she gets her teeth in a lie she will not let go.

Canadian PM Harper's office:Clinton Campaign never contacted us ever by bradydundee,
Fri Mar 07, 2008 at 06:43:05 PM ESTCanadian PM's Office: Hillary Camp Made No Backchannel Assurances on NAFTA Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton never gave Canada any secret assurances about the future of NAFTA such as those allegedly offered by Barack Obama's campaign, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office said Friday.
The upshot of all this intensive media bias may be fueling increasing efforts on the part of Hillary supporters to work harder and has certainly brought new people in eager to help and who are exposing and blogging about the BO mobs at the polling places.

If the media and/or vote manipulation for BO prevails, there is already a move afloat among many women to write in HRC on their general election ballot. Their fear of the occult power that is fronting Obama is greater than their fear of another Republican in the White House.

"Hang on Sloopy. For all the invisible women, it's the only anthem they've got. And for their sake alone, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton should not give up the fight. Tina Brown - Newsweek

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