Friday, July 20, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 030


Here come the Repugs all fired up to rub Dem’s noses in their failed efforts to please the American voter. And as these seasoned political-savy, no-holes-barred Senators and Representatives proceed they know they can count on their cheering gallery to be the grass roots Democrats.

Not too long ago there was an election and the people declared they wanted out of the Iraq war pronto. The Dems won the majority, albeit slim, in both Houses of Congress. They worked hard to bring home the troops but every effort was countered by the Repugs.

They could pass a bill but could not override the Bush veto so the end result has been that the war is no nearer to ending because of what Dems were able to do, and they have been pummeled by their own supporters.

This week the Dems tried again to force the people to see that they were still trying to do what they were elected to do. They pulled an all-nighter in the Senate to show the country how the Repugs were preventing a vote on a bill that would bring home the troops. The Repugs made their glorious speeches about how they wanted the troops to come home too. They accused the Dems of “grandstanding” and “neglecting the nation’s business”. Then they prevented the vote.

As usual, most of the media supported the Repugs and ridiculed the Dems. Another round to the Repugs! Street fighters always win over those fighting by Marquis of Queensberry rules when the referee is the media.

Now the Repug leadership knows how the voters feel and is taking advantage of this criticism. They are putting forth watered-down legislation and amendments to get the troops out of Iraq, that Bush will be sure to allow passage of. Then they will have the Dems over a barrel. Either they go along with the Repug amendments or else! Whatever they do they are fracked.

If they vote against the Repug bill, because of certain items which may contain provisions for leaving many troops and prolonging the war, the Dems will be blamed for preventing the withdrawal.

If they vote for it, the Repugs will get the credit for doing the people’s will. They will mask the provisions in their bill that will prolong the war and present it in the best possible light. The media will assist them in hoodwinking the American people into thinking the minority Repugs did what the majority Dems COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT DO.

When the Dem legislators cry foul, the Repugs will call them poor sports and bad losers who really cared little for the troops or they would have done something. After all, they were the majority.

And the screaming masses of Left-wingers who have bitterly assailed the Democrats will be so consumed by their own hatred that they will be blinded to the truth. Another round to the Repugs!

Democrats should take lessons from Red Sox fans.
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