Friday, April 27, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 018


Love may be better the second time around but presidential campaigns are not. We were Gored once and even though we can all agree he is a smart man with lots of experience, he has no stomach for a ballot fight.

Both Kerry’s and Gore’s campaigns were just one disaster after another as they dithered and dathered and put us to sleep with rhetoric and bombast. And at the end both John and Al lacked the guts to fight for the victory they had won at the polls.

Both gave practically the same excuse - that it would be harmful for the country to prolong the battle. Early on the signs were there as Al turned his back on President Clinton, supposedly to “be his own man” and had to have a consultant to get him dressed.

Kerry tried to emulate Bush’s productive photo-ops and fell flat on his face. His antics were what made the Swift Boater’s lies believable to many in the country. From his bird hunting costume to wind surfing when he should have been campaigning, he projected the playboy image.

Both have shown where their niche lies and done so admirably. We need Al at the forefront of the environmental movement; we need John in the Senate where he is so affective and so at home.

The country has had enough of nice-guy Democratic losers; you know the type women swoon over and far-Left Wingers believe are the Second Coming. The White House is in need of a good housecleaning; along the lines we have seen when Speaker Nancy Pelosi took charge of the House of Representatives.

We need someone who will be “in it to win it”; someone who is smart and tough and who will fight tooth and nail to the end for the last ballot. We need a strong, intelligent, experienced woman to clean up, not only the White House but our hideous reputation in the world today.

We need a woman because she won’t spend her time dressing up in soldier suits and parading on the decks of battle ships playing sailor boy. Most women put their toys away at adulthood while men never do consistently.

Just let the martial music play and there they are urging one bunch of uniformed hulks to kill the other bunch of uniformed hulks without a thought for anything as long as the beer and franks keep coming.

As many writers have noted before us, “the best man for the job of president is a woman”, and we Democrats have a fighter this time – Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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