Friday, April 13, 2007


You don’t have to listen to Fox news and related programs to hear Democratic candidates for president being savaged. Just check out most Democratic Lists and Blogs.

We googled out quite a few internet sites to see how prevalent gnashing their own is because we were gobsmacked when we encountered a particularly disgusting and ignorant offering recently.

We found that no Dem candidate was spared, but the top three, called the front runners, get the most negative attention. It seems that many Dems are incapable of only supporting their own choice but must denigrate other Democratic candidates.

In contrast, aside from a few low key remarks such as commenting on Giuliani’s marriage record, Republicans write positive things about the candidate of their choice and do not trash the others.

John Edwards appeared to have the least ugly things written about him. But there were vile remarks about using his wife’s illness to further his candidacy. In addition, mild disapproval was shown with his attention to his coif – just not the manly thing, ya know.

Barack Obama has his critics that find him inexperienced and pushy. He is faulted for thinking he can replace charm for taking strong political stands; and for stealing his message and funding strategy from former Vermont Governor, Howard Dean.

The most insidious and potentially harmful charges against him backfired on the Democrat who initially presented them to implicate Senator Clinton. However some damage was done to Senator Obama because that Democrat had a connection to his campaign and this stuff gets recycled.

But for shear nastiness, misinformation and ignorance, posts concerning Senator Clinton outweighed the ones against the male candidates. The great majority of them was against her as a woman and contained phrases right out of the late Don Imus Show. HRC was routinely called "evil" and "Satan" by Imus--not in a joking manner. Few if any Democrats protested, instead, many echoed Imus’s sexism and hatred for women on their Lists and Blogs.

Although we found some adult blogs and lists, most seemed populated by juveniles who bombarded any support for Clinton with nasty comments. Overall, pro-Hillary comments were discouraged by this violent response – so much for Democracy!

In this present anti-Imus flap, Imus is attacked for his sexism as well as his racism and we are finally seeing women like NOW President, Kim Gandy on TV. Now if an aroused populace would go after Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Savage, Tucker and all the other hate mongers spreading sexism and racism.
The post that led us to check out more occurrences of Dems eating their own sadly originated from a woman. It exemplifies the reasons why most men were against the idea of women voting – that they weren’t intelligent enough, too flighty, and too emotional to gage a person’s qualifications. Her post instructed on what you, like her, should base your vote, she urged you:
-- to watch Hillary and note that she “still looks self-centered and without empathy”. Whereas, if you meet Obama “you feel you have known him since the beginning of time”. Edwards, she has not seen in person but considers him to be committed, a gentle man, but not egotistical enough. Isn’t it just amazing to have such powers? She could out Imus, Imus. It reminds us of the idiot Bush looking into Putin’s eyes and knowing all about him. May the Force protect us from Democratic women voters like her.
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