Friday, April 20, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 017


All sorts of reasons are put forth by Democrats concerning why they will not vote for a certain Democratic candidate. Some take their cue from the Republican’s FOX News and Talking Points; others may object to the candidate’s inexperience, color, gender or funding source.

But the most idiotic reason we have heard is that if “another Clinton” is elected that would mean, “Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. Horrors! A dynasty in the making rather than the democracy we aspire to continue.”

When did it happen that a woman taking her husband’s last name when married [as is customary] make her in his image or blood line? Are we still governed by the Book of Ruth? Did the Constitution not get changed to include women as independent human beings instead of their husband’s chattel?

Obliteration of women is best seen in our history and still persists in our genealogies. The male child lives on; the female is transformed or ignored for the most part. There are exceptions:

Hillary Rodham Clinton is NOT of the lineage of William Jefferson Clinton any more than any woman is demoted from human stature at marriage or becomes a descendent of their husband.

Women are more, often much more, than the man they marry, yet when they die they are usually identified in the first paragraph of their obituary as, “the wife of…” Have you seen many males ID’d as “the husband of?”

Liz Daley died at the age of 68. She was a life long LIBERAL writ large. She was long active in Vermont politics recently endorsing Peter Welch for Congress.

She often surprised people with her independence and outspokenness. Marcelle Leahy, who had known Liz since high school said, “She was an energy-giver who exemplified New England stamina and Green Mountain gumption. She worked courageously to help other Vermonters struggling against cancer. She helped make Vermont a better place.”

“She was a strong courageous voice for common sense and independence in the Vermont tradition” declared Vermont Governor Douglas.

During the 2004 campaign, Liz put a Howard Dean for President sign in the front yard. She once described herself as “an opinionated LIBERAL with my mother’s big mouth” unable to keep her views to herself.

She was married for 25 years, except for a hiatus of 8 years, to Senator Jim Jeffords, a life-long Republican. Some may remember how he got a gutful of the present government and finished his term as an Independent, voting with the Democrats.

Liz and Jim had two children. Liz chose to raise them in Vermont, not caring for the kind of society she would have been expected to hob knob with in D.C. as the wife of a Republican legislator.

Liz was always her own person – no more a descendent of Jim’s than he was of hers. Vermont has lost a giant.
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