Friday, March 31, 2006


Now there’s a big ruckus about illegal aliens crossing our Southern border. It is so silly because there is a completely logical thing to do. And it should be done before Congress, pretending it still has a function, confuses the situation even more.

It’s all so simple. Arrest all illegal aliens and put them into army units. After a brief training period, send them to Iraq. This will free all the real American boys and girls to come back to their country and apply for all the jobs formerly held by the illegals.

Of course this would mean American officers would have to lead these illegals. Simple answer to that too. Draft all those dead beats sucking on the Social Security teats, who are just taking up room and depleting our resources.

Since these elders wouldn’t move very fast it would mean an initial outlay for more body bags but this would be more than made up for by the money saved in Medicaid. With the baby boomer generation coming into the SS program there would be an ample supply of officer material.

If more aliens continue to cross into this country, form up another several units to go to Afghanistan and hunt for bin Laden in the tunnels. Everyone knows how much the aliens love tunnels so it would be a natural job for them and one they would enjoy doing.

There would be many casualties suffered among these people, of course. But if they choose to continue to cross the border then they are just asking for it. And as an added bonus, the casualties would cut down on recidivism.

In addition, we have to plan for the preemptive wars to come as a dictator is never satisfied unless he is making war on another country and stealing the assets of those people. There’s Iran and North Korea and Syria for starters, evil doers all.

Too harsh, you say? Not the American way, you protest? We beg to differ. It is truly in the spirit of this country to penalize the poor and disadvantaged, both at home and abroad. Just look at the shock and awe damaged done to Iraq. Quite a body count there even if you just count those who were not pulverized.

Despite the expressed horror over Abu Ghrieb and the photos of prisoner torture in US run penal camps, the torture is still going on with the blessings of the Attorney General. Hey, who cares, really? If protests get too loud we just send the bad guys to other countries that will do the torturing for us.

And talk about suffering! Children are dying in Iraq, which used to have one of the best health care systems in the region. Our preemptive invasion took care of that, damaging their health care system to such an extent that it cannot respond to Iraqi basic health needs.

One just has to note the way the Gulf Coast people flooded out by Katrina were left for days in such horrible conditions that many died to see how the dictatorship works at home too. Meanwhile more laws are made all the time to hurt the least advantaged and there is nothing left of the former Democracy to protect them.

Yes, we used to have values and we used to have concern for our disadvantaged, elders and children. Americans had this back when we were a Democracy. Now that we’ve become a Dictatorship, we have buried those values and opted for expediency.

So what if there are many hungry people in South America who come here for jobs so they can feed their families? To paraphrase Marie Antoinette, if the poor have no bread, let them eat bullets.
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