Friday, March 03, 2006


Well here we are back to ports and shipping with a country up in arms against the flaunting of power by King George IV. Only this time, the flaunter only THINKS he is king. The people are reminding him that he is NOT.

Back then it was tea that was thrown off ships. The colonists were pissed because King George III insisted on putting a whopping big tax on the stuff. Throwing the tea overboard was their way of saying, “Up yours, King G.”

Now the people in the country who think the government belongs to them and their elected representatives are very near the point of throwing the pretend king Bush overboard – just as he has done with our ports and with them our security.

However one thinks about it, selling off our vital ports to a foreign NATION, any foreign nation, is not cool. What makes it worse is that it was all done in secret and Bush is unapologetic. As he has done in many other instances, he claims that he has the power and damn the Constitution.

He claims that it is HIS government, not ours. He does not accept oversight by Congress even though it is part of our Constitution. Remember all the talk about wiretapping our citizens? Congress and the people object; Bush just ignores them.

The most frightening thing about all of this is that we have no idea what else he has sold off of our country; or what other deals he has made with foreign countries; or what he has done right here to deprive the rights of Americans.

There are those, especially James Zogby [Arab American Institute], who want to make this all a racist thing. He claims that Americans refute this deal because it is with Arabs, and that Americans are prejudiced and that Arabs are fair game while other nationalities are not.

Mr Zogby and the others of this bent have conveniently forgotten the continuous assaults on the French and France by Americans. Were the “freedom fries” and freedom toast” happenings so long ago that their memories fail?

Besides, if there is nothing wrong with this deal why was the whole country including its elected representatives kept in the dark about it?

If there is a strong feeling that an Arab nation should not have control of our ports, lay the blame on the man who thinks he is king. Bush has harangued the American public and the world about 9/11 and those who hi-jacked and crashed the planes. He has lost no opportunity to tell us that the terrorist threat is a serious one.

He strives constantly to raise the level of fear in this country and make everyone think they are about to be attacked by al Qaeda supporters. These are mainly Arab nations, right? And bin Laden, Bush’s own personal boogie-man, is Arabic.

Americans are finally awake and concerned about the safety of their ports and their nation; they are headed for the courts to stop this acquisition by the UAE. Can we hope this awakening is durable enough to say again “up yours, King G”?
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