Friday, March 10, 2006

6 AND 16

Just suppose that you had caused an accident with your car. When the police came to investigate, you assured them that you would handle the investigation. You would appoint a panel to investigate and provide oversight.

Well sure, they might not take you directly to the booby hatch but they might suggest to the judge that you get counseling. Think the whole idea is silly? Well think again. We the people are the basis of our democracy. We count. We make the rules. No one, even the president is above the law. BALONY!!!

There were many that thought the revelations about the fiasco FEMA perpetrated on the hurricane victims of Katrina would lead the media to investigate how the Bush administration broke laws. And for a short while it did.

The disturbing news from Iraq and the lies and complicity of the Bush regime have been reported as well as the laws they broke and are still breaking. The secret deal to sell our ports to the UAE which broke our laws got media attention and exposure.

There were plenty of hours and articles on the illegal wire tapping of Americans with tons of evidence that Bush had ignored the Constitution and knowingly and arrogantly broken our laws.

The media laughed up a storm about the Vice P. Cheney’s shooting of a campaign contributor but had hardly a word to say about how the police and other authorities failed to conduct any kind of meaningful investigation.

There are so many examples where Bush has fractured the laws and especially the Constitution and the media reported but they cannot be contained in the space allowed here. The horror is, “What is next?”

In all cases, after telling the story and noting the illegalities, the media then proceeded to turn each story into the White House spin. This meant that we are supposed to think that everything is OK and we should have not a worry in the world.

For example, CNN sent Wolf to Dubai to interview the nice guys that now own our ports. Just like all the other cases of law breaking by Bush, the media keeps getting softer and softer until finally it parrots the Bush spin.

Now we hear that Dubai is pulling out of the “deal” and turn over the ports to an American “entity”. Even those who don’t wear tin foil hats wonder if this is a compromise or an end run.

In Katrina and the wiretapping, there are investigations going on but they are not bi-partisan, they are being done by the Bushies and the Republican majorities in Congress.

So you, the boss by virtue of being a US citizen, are the only entity that is not allowed to conduct investigations into your wrongdoing. Your government is doing just as it pleases and the media is either scared off or complicit.

Since the media is now wholly owned by corporate interests, it’s not hard to think that it is complicit. Government and media have usurped the Constitution and democracy while you and I are getting our collective asses kicked.

Yeah, we got blogs all over the place pouring forth the crimes of this administration and the media. We got foreign newspapers giving us evidence of Bush’s illegal acts. We got everything except equality under the law and a Congressional majority.

And we won’t ever have that until we get a Congress with oversight. With Republicans in the majority there is no check on Bush. They will not impeach him. The only recourse is 6 and 16. Only six Senate seats and 16 House seats would have to change hands to give Dems control of Congress in November.
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