Friday, September 07, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 037


Once again Eros rears his ugly head making more news than all the imminent problems and dangers in the world combined. Funny thing about these Repugs, they keep getting caught for things they accuse the Dems of doing.

And the things they keep getting caught doing are the things they profess to be violently against. Family values are what they profess to live by; they stand up in Congress decrying anyone who does not live by their definition as decreed by their God.

Then, as if we would never notice, they stand together en masse to condemn and punish Larry Craig but give only a slight wrist tap to David Vitter. The difference in treatment is not simply that one strayed into the gay arena while the other’s sin was dalliance with a woman not his wife.

No indeed, the difference is that they were free to forced Craig to announce his resignation from the Senate because he represents the Red State of Idaho. It has a Republican governor who would appoint a Repug to replace him.

Vitter lucked out because he represents a Blue State, Louisiana where the Governor is a Democrat sure to replace him with a Democrat. Repugs in no way would consider any crime bad enough to lose a House seat.

Meanwhile, Fred, the profile head, steps forth into this week’s cesspool of sex. He’s fresh from titillating the media concerning his candidacy for the presidency. They have given him tons of free air time, calling attention to his TV appearances in Law and Order.

The media tells us that he is a movie star like Ronald Reagan from all that TV exposure but somehow we wonder how that can be. His appearance on these episodes are fleeting – only a minute or two. He comes over as a gruff, self serving political whore – not a great character to be a president.

Besides that, in keeping it seems, with this prevailing potty week, his head in profile reminds any student of human anatomy of the glans penis – helmet like and decidedly uncute.

That may endear him to the many still closeted Repugs and other penis worshipers but surely that’s not enough for them to forgive his lobbying on behalf of women’s reproductive rights.

And in the spirit of these nasty, naughty, bad boys, the mass murderer–in-chief, using his cannon fodder as backdrop, smiles and tells the world he owns it and can do anything he pleases.
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