Friday, September 14, 2007


“Ya can’t bring the troops home from Iraq until I say so, I’m the decider!” Once again, Lucy [Bush] held the football and urged Charlie Brown [Congressional Democrats] to kick it and once again, pulled it away so the kicker fell flat on his ass.

Lies and false promises got us to invade Iraq just as they continually are used to keep us in there. With each lie comes a “football” of concession: that we are making progress and just need a little more time, a few more troops, then we’ll leave.

It seems that everyone, Dems, many Repugs, Iraqi and most of the world want us to get out. But a megalomaniac stands in the way with signing statements and veto pen.

Why don’t legislators send a bill that will specifically fund the withdrawal of troops from Iraq to avoid the accusation that withholding funds for that war is harmful to the troops? Let Admiral Fallon testify.

Voters are vocal in their demand that we get out of there but the legislators are between a rock and a hard place. They see that the power is not with the people but is with Bush, so Repugs continue to back him and Dems don’t have enough of a majority. The buzz/spin is that the war can be and must be won. But we still have no idea what “winning” means.

Why this stalemate? Bush and the Repugs know that the Dems will take over the government in ’08 so they intend to hold on until the Dems force them to withdraw – then anything that results can be blamed on the Dems.

The Dems in Congress are aware of this. They still have no idea how to force fairness in reporting on the media. They see how easily Bush is able to turn the Dem groups against each other. They see that their support from the voters is shaky.

Just look at how Senator Kerry turned against Move On just because of an ad that adversely portrayed General Petraeus. When some Dems actually stand up and slug back at the Repugs, they should be cheered, not censured. But they sure do great slugging and demeaning each other.

With the aid of the media, it will be made to appear that the Dems started the war in the first place, refused to fund it adequately and retreated so the war was lost.

Despite the fact that Bush is holding the lives of our troops hostage to his grandiose war, history will be re-spun to make it appear that Bush and the Repugs supported our brave troops while the Dems forced them into retreat and humiliation just as they were on the verge of winning.

Shame on us.
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