Friday, May 11, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 020


One of the most puzzling manifestations of this whole presidential campaign is how there is nearly unanimous agreement among Dems of any stripe that the media is biased, untruthful and creates, rather than reports, facts. And, that it parrots the Repug talking points.

Therefore the paradox is that there are intelligent Dems/Progs/Libs who absolutely believe anything the media puts forth that is detrimental to Senator Clinton. Even when they read it on Drudge or hear it on Fox News, they run breathlessly to repeat the latest allegations and creations on their Lists and Blogs.

There is little disagreement that Hillary became a Gender-Related target for the Rychus Ones when Bill ran for president. She was portrayed as an “unnatural woman” because of her education, her abilities and because she didn’t walk the traditional 3 paces behind her husband.

The Repugs focused on the 19th century psyche of the electorate to create ways to denigrate her. The media followed faithfully portraying her as aloof and stuck-up; the unapproachable ice queen. They attacked Hillary, accusing her of all sorts of crimes, even murder.

When she ran for the N.Y. Senate seat, the Repugs and lap dog media went into overdrive, declaring that there was no way she could win. She not only won, she showed the voters of N.Y. someone they liked. Serving in the Senate, she received accolades from both Repugs and Dem Senators for her hard work and considerable ability.

As more people came to know her and discover that the Repug rantings were lies and falsehoods, support for her presidential candidacy came in from all over the country. That plus her decisive win in N.Y. caused panic in the Devil’s [Karl Rove] conclave which went into overdrive to plan how to defeat her.

Hillary was the one Democratic candidate that the Repugs feared the most and she was the one – a woman - chosen by Chris Matthews to hurl into the pit bull pit of the 10 Repug candidates in their debate.

Bro’s before Ho’s! Of course, that’s the Christian American way.

From their Freepers embedded in Liberal blogs and Lists all over the net and other informers, Devil Karl realized there were Dems out there who were still posting the very propaganda Rovians had put out to defeat her in N.Y. So they intensified their efforts to mislead knowing that they were energizing disgruntled Liberals to work for them.

By using misleading headlines, Rove has provided some Dems with more reasons to turn against Hillary, the one Dem they most fear could win.

How right he is. Without a care for truth, some Dems were and are salivating over the anti-Hillary lies Rove puts out. They joyfully do the Devil’s work by posting them to their Lists and Blogs while bemoaning all the other “lies” of this administration and the media. Can you spell hypocrite?
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