Friday, May 25, 2007


The Bush administration has not been a good showcase for women. With few exceptions, most of the women who are seen or heard on the news are badly failing their potential. It seems Bush has almost a maniacal eagerness to put forth or appoint women whose flaws reflect his.

When Condi Rice was appointed as Secretary of State there was a collective shudder from the many who remember she was responsible for bringing Bush the news that America would be attacked by airplane bombs.

Run the table of Bush women appointments to cabinet and other important posts. Whether the fracas over the ill fated nomination of Harriet Mier or the present fracas involving the fall out from Gonzo-gate, now focusing on his aide, Monica Goodling; Republican women in politics are getting a black eye.

Monica Goodling, who worked in the Justice Department for the last five years, submitted a letter of resignation effective April 7 when Gonzo-gate heated up. Rather than testifying, she claimed her 5th Amendment privilege.

That bought her free pass along with a subpoena. Her performance before the Senate committee made every woman who has ever fought for a decent professional position wince; “What on earth is a silly girl-child doing in such an important job?”

In spite of all the scandals of the Bushie women, it is of great comfort to note that for the first time the Speaker of the House is a woman, Nancy Pelosi; decidedly NOT part of the Bush administration but still taking a lot of heat.

In the Senate, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein chair important committees and other women are rising up the ladder of leadership. Hillary Clinton, as we all know is a front runner in the presidential race.

Despite the efforts of women in the Democratic leadership, the media is screaming that the Dems caved in to Bush and broke their promise to the electorate that they would end the Iraq occupation.

Another case of Democrats/Liberals/Progressives doing what they do best; ragging on the actions of other Democrats. How the Repugs love this and they are on every media outlet laughing at the Dem’s consternation.

If the Dems had refused to capitulate to the Bush demands, every death of every soldier from now on would have been laid at their door by every ringmaster in the Media Circus.

Prominent in that 3-ring circus now is Rosie and “The View” presented as typical Democratic women - always good for a laugh.
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