Friday, November 10, 2006


GenderGappers 2006 – 046


Ok, go ahead and gloat. Savor the defeat of the Elephants - BECAUSE THEY WON’T DWELL ON IT. Even before the election returns were in, they were planning on how they could trip up the Donkeys.

At the same time they are planning for winning back the seats they lost and winning the next presidency as well. They already sent talking points to the media via their cronies, getting the great exposure that comes from the media coverage of the elections.

As the House fell to the Donkeys these Elephant shills were sniping at Speaker-to-be, Nancy Pelosi in thinly veiled sexist terms. On CNN, gambler, Bill Bennett commented not once but several times that she would not become Speaker.

He maintained, each time as if reading from a prepared script, that as soon as the old and newly elected BULLS arrived in the House they would not tolerate her as leader.

And as expected, Chris Matthews repeatedly made remarks on Hardball that she was shrill and she had California values which the other House members would not go along with.

Most women get the code speak. Calling a man a bull means the woman is a cow – which is a very derogatory name that angry, sexists men give to women. It is bitch raised to the 3rd power.

So those of us with good will must fight back. With words, e-mails and fierce determination we must establish that the female donkey is called a Jenny and that bull is just a prefix – four letters follow it.

And shrill, of course, means emotional. The inference is that women are too emotional to be leaders. Despite the petulant, whining, foot stomping fits Bush exhibited at the post election press conference, not one of the reporters will call him emotional either in fact or in code.

For more direct hurtful and descriptive comments against Speaker-elect Pelosi and the women of the House and Senate, trust the Elephant’s talk shows to constantly savage them with the material already in their anti-woman lexicon.

The Senate especially is known as a boy’s club and duly elected women senators still have to fight to be allowed to participate. No longer must they be forced to go along to get along.

It is not enough that we have tossed out the harmful majority; we must ever continue to be vigilant to what these women must face. Show your opposition to hair and makeup descriptions that are always applied to women.

We must not only pledge our support, we must actively give it.
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