Friday, November 17, 2006


One of the tasks Hercules was given was to clean the Augean stables. Now on the face of it this might not seem so great compared to the other tasks he was commanded to perform.

But these stables housed thousands of cattle and had not been cleaned for eons. Herc’s solution was to divert two rivers to flow through the stables thus providing a huge source of organic fertilizer for all who lived downstream.

Our nightmare for six years has been Bush and a Repugnant Congressional majority. But our major Augean Stable [and there are many] is Iraq.

Happily, we the voters have diverted one major river by electing a Democratic majority, albeit, subject to the whim of Joe Lieberman, who may yet show his true colors and lack of humanity.

Now we all must seek to understand why this majority will not and cannot do exactly what each of us thinks is mandatory. Sure it would be great to impeach and send Bush back to Texas in disgrace but it is not only impractable, it is impossible.

Months of hearings and proof would have to happen. That would mean not doing the long overdue Nation’s business and it will take all the effort our legislators can expend just to accomplish this as they will have to fight the Bushies all the way.

We voted to clean up the Iraq situation but first we must openly give Bush the credit for lying us into a preemptive war. Even as word of our majority reached the rest of the world, overtures to help are arriving from other nation states.

Now that lame duck Bush is without his majority, the World sees us as worthy of trust and respect and we must live up to that. But, it means that we cannot just send in boats and bring out our forces. We have to clean up the mess Bush started.

Our newly elected majority has a Herculean task and cannot please everybody who voted for them. They are working on the most important already such as port and boarder security, minimum wage, putting a stop to Bush’s rape of the Constitution and his giving the country away to China.

We must be the second river. We need to give them room; get off their backs. Just remember that although Bush always has the media backing him up, the same media is already engaged in picking scabs of disagreement among Democrats.

Today many in America have turned away from Bush’s Iraq mess to rave about a nutcase who has made a movie to shock and disgust. Borat has put man’s nastiest sides out there for the approval that laughter gives.

One scene shows drunken college men defaming and dehumanizing women – under the influence, the true feelings of our sexist society escapes all bounds.

This mirror held up to us should teach, not entertain; should reform, not make us eager for even more horrible exposures of hate. This attitude is foul and muddy. It indicates that we need some powerful rivers of public effort to clean up our own act to say nothing of Iraq.

Until then, we are a second or third rate banana republic, proud of our little dictator, Bush and ready to elect a Bush clone, John McCain in ‘08.
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