Friday, July 21, 2006


Can you believe it? All over the world newspapers are printing the word, pundits are repeating it and everyone is laughing about it -- but not in this enlightened, democratic land of the 2nd Amendment.

No indeed! Here the forces of God, as strained through Bush, have prohibited the broadcasted saying or writing of certain bad, nasty, swearing words. Can you say hypocrite?

So the laughter around the world is not just about what Bush said and how boorish he acted, but AT this country that is tongue-tied over an ancient word for excrement. We can say torture and do it; we can say Constitution and lose it but we must never let #2 leave the lips of our media.

It’s a wonder we have any pride in our leadership left. Besides stupidly crapping all over Prime Minister Tony Blair’s endeavors to work on a solution to the flaming lands of the Bible, our head of state talked while stuffing his mouth full of food. Later on he groped Germany’s leader.

Meanwhile our erstwhile Slambasadore Bolton declared that the death of those fighting terrorists were more important that the deaths of innocent civilians.

Freedom of the press took another body blow as Dean Helen Thomas was nastily accused of “giving the Hezbollah viewpoint” by Tony Snow. This is often the response given to avoid giving an answer – accuse the questioner of being on the terrorists’ side.

Snow also called the word used by Bush, whose use by the media is prohibited in this country, COLORFUL LANGUAGE.

Now while all this was going on the legislators in DC were talking about stem cell research. The super godly among them assured us that “we are a country of strong moral values”.

Then, when Bush vetoed the stem cell bill, he declared that he did so because human life was sacred and he was protecting it. Tell that to the thousands of Iraqi who have died from his preemptive war and tell that to the many who could benefit from stem cell research.

They seem to think that their pious words fix everything. All that other stuff is an illusion, so we can all go back to bitching and kvetching or we could add our voices to the debates and let those folks in DC know that we vote and they are toast.

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light!” – Dylan Thomas

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