Saturday, July 15, 2006


Who knew? Something so commonplace just doesn’t get the ink anymore. When the news broke of the gang rape of a child in Iraq by American troops, most people were shocked and saddened.

“Bad apples”, was the usual comment. Surely, “our boys would never do such a thing. It must have been a mistake someone made when they were recruited for the military service.”

In a few instances, media gave the surprising stats about gang rape by Americans. One police officer admitted that it happened here quite frequently and it wasn’t just the bad boys that did it.

Men/boys in gangs, whose prejudices may be deeply embedded, helped along by alcohol and lust, willingly succumb to the collective courage of the group which easily overcomes the veneer of social upbringing.

So called, “nice young men” have admitted to being swept along to do something they felt was terrible just because group pressure made it a factor of proving their manhood.

So despite what the apologist pundits have offered for this heinous crime against an Iraqi female child [asserting that troops must hate and dehumanize those they are convinced are out to kill them], rape and gang rape occurs frequently right here at home.

Simply said, our culture devaluates women, teaches women to devalue themselves and rewards males who put down uppity women. One has only to listen to our language to experience the truth.

This attitude toward females is ancient and is rampant in all religions. The very word given to those abused by men and gangs of men is VICTIM.

Victim is from the Latin, victima, meaning SACRIFICE. We have not progressed very far from the past when virgins were thrown into volcanoes to appease men’s gods. And rape of women has always been considered one of the “spoils of war”.

We may think that gangs are street outlaws but they are also are the prime unit in the atrocities committed by college and professional sports. Initiation rites are rife with penile bonding against women.

One needs only to listen in to the locker room chatter to understand how males are taught that the road to manhood is to victimize/put down women. The proof comes from the testimony of those males who act with a gang and then later are appalled by what they have seen and done.

This power hierarchy flows from churches and government but gets its final honing in sports and the military. Republicans have always understood this and used it to consolidate their power and control.

Now comes the ultimate horror of our society’s inculcated hatred of women. Girl and woman gangs are becoming more prevalent. Their prey, their hated and despised ones, like their male counterparts, are female.
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