Friday, April 14, 2006


Ever since Bush started running for president the partisans on the left have mocked and made fun of him as malaprops spring from his lips like thorns on roses. The late night humor mills turned out a barrage of material sure to bring laughter and derision.

Cartoonists had a field day. One showed an unattractive facsimile of Bush with the caption, “Somewhere a village is missing its idiot”. He really did do such dumb things and mangled the English language so badly that nearly everyone laughed – but not everyone laughed at him; many laughed with him.

The scared little bunny look, when he was told America was under attack and then chose to finish the goat story was a classic. Another was landing on a carrier deck supporting a pelvic package that was obviously fudged up. The only question was whose sox were used and how many.

It proved to be a minor distraction that was hooted at by the left but the right took the media soaring to the heights with the proclamation that the war in Iraq was over. The point missed was that he never packed the package again and Carl had his game plan well in hand. Indulge the left with humor and keep the media on the “right” message.

Whether it was a formal or informal meeting with the White House Press Corps, jokes were the soup de jour. Bush used them to dodge questions and keep the reporters thinking they were really getting answers instead of smoke blown up their collective asses [ Helen Thomas being one of the exceptions – she always knew shit from Shineola].

He set them up from the beginning with nicknames and playing good-‘ol-boy dumb. Talk about low expectations! Whatever anything bad happened, one could be sure the media would blame it on The Dick or Rummy. W. was just such a nice guy to have a beer with.

And so it went for his years in the White House where the often occurring Bush faux pas were collected, put on web sites and circulated amid frantic laughter. It buoyed the spirits of all who could not imagine that anyone would vote him back for a second term.

But vote him back they did even with a disastrous war, scandals, mistakes and repeated examples of incompetence. Through it all, Bush maintained that he was committed to continuing along the same, mistaken path and, until very recently, pulled an admiring media along it with him as the left fumed and the Press Corps laughed.

Now with his poll numbers in the toilet and a not so compliant media, Rove sends Bush out to fool the people once again, going from town to town, ostensibly taking the “hard” questions from his “nastiest” critics.

And, of course, the left is laughing its ass off at his antics. Air America plays his show over and over to blast him. But to the uncommitted voter and to his base he is making points. They feel he is being beaten up by bullies unfairly but is handling it like a prince. He makes jokes; he fractures his sentences and gives uninformative answers, all the time playing the questioners like a pro.

He interrupts with a quip to knock them off their question. He makes a big deal of telling the crowd to “hear the man out” thus showing his magnanimity and fairness. He keeps the audience watching his act but unaware of his real purpose.

Although a majority of Americans give Bush low polls on most issues, the same majority do NOT want him impeached or censored. This means he and the GOP may have the last laugh. Bush gets away Scot-free because he plays the idiot card so convincingly that the left has bought into it as reality. Danger, danger, Will Robinson, complacency is the hob goblin of disaster.
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