Friday, April 21, 2006


Oh yay-yus, I’m the great Decider [ye haw]
Deciding for earthlings en masse [ye haw]
I feed their fears and delight in their tears,
They trust me and I kick their ass.
-- with apologies to The Platters/Freddie Mercury

Gloryoski! The once and future king has spoken. OK Republicans, “Can you hear him now?” He came into office announcing that he was the Great Uniter and you know what happened then.

Is this your leader that you revere and admire? Do you hold your country in such low esteem that you would continue to let this person rule over it while ignoring Congress, The Constitution and us lesser critters.

April 26th will mark the day where Bush has 1000 days left in office. 1000 days to be the great decider. 1000 days to decide what country he will use our children’s lives to invade next.

Actually, he has decided that we won’t even have time to think about such things because we will be kept busy with the coming election and with floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and the rising cost of gas.

Oh yay-yus, I’m the great decider [ye haw]
Deciding what science can be [ye haw]
What supports my claims and serves my aims
Is all I’ll allow you to see.
- ibid

Now we are faced with another fake-out as spring cleaning at the White House proceeds Bush style. Old faces in the other slots as cronies move in or up. But the change will only be cosmetic; the punishing, destructive policies will continue.

No one should be complacent or pleased at what they call the demotion of Karl Rove. It just appears to take him out of government, thus making him less of a target for the Special Council or any future investigations.

Oh yay-yus, I’m the great decider [ye haw]
I decide for you what is best [ye haw]
My long reign of error begat oodles of terror
My incompetence meets every test.
- ibid

I hear the voices coming from God
Giving arrogant ME, absolute power over air, land
and sea.
- ibid

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