Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gendergappers 2005 - Extra


It is said that faith can move mountains but no one seems to know just how far bull shit can be thrown and still keep believers on their knees before this administration.

Posturing somewhere between a political looser and an itinerant preacher, Bush proclaimed, “In the life of our nation we have seen that wondrous things are possible when we act with God’s grace.” Geez-amighty! Hala-looya!

In the life of our nation while he has been controlling the entire government, House, Senate, Supreme Court and Oval Office, we have been inundated with his avowals that he is doing the Lord’s business here on Earth.

So would that mean that the following wondrous things were under the auspices of God’s grace?

Two rigged and stolen elections
Divisive tactics to control free speech
Faith based attempt to meld religion and politics
Tax cuts on the riches Americans
Destruction of the World Trade Center – warnings ignored
Education and other programs mandated that were never funded
Sky rocketing drug prices
Reduction of environmental controls
Strip mining allowed on public lands
Opening Alaska for oil production
Shock and awe preemptive killing of thousands of Iraqi
Reciprocal killings of American troops
Attack against Social Security
Inexperienced cronies appointed to Homeland Security management
Cronies appointed to head up FEMA
The drowning floods of New Orleans with loss of many lives
Patriot Act and Son of Patriot Act
Unfunded entitlement programs sending states into bankruptcy
Renewal of tax cuts to rich
A bankruptcy law that hurts the poor and small businesses
The shame of allowing prisoner torture in Abu Ghraib and Git-Mo
Off shore oil drilling encouraged
Keeps a known felon on staff, Karl Rove, who outed a CIA agent
One humongous national debt

And this is only a partial list of the wondrous things George Bush is responsible for as he admittedly “acts with God’s grace”. His legacy already is that of the most secretive and dangerous administration in the history of the country. The “suffering South” will long remember how he emulated Nero – staying on vacation, playing his guitar while New Orleans flooded and families drowned.

However, a side affect of all these wondrous things is that they illustrate the total folly of combining church and state. The founders of this country knew what they were doing; Bush doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t give a shit.

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