Friday, September 09, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 037


"Never did we dream that they would use our OWN AIRPLANES as weapons." -- April 20, 2004.

"I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."-- Sept 1, 2005
-- Words to die for from Bush.

Due to the auspicious passing of Chief Justice Rehnquist, John Roberts will most certainly be the next Chief Justice of the Supremes. Confirmation will proceed fairly quickly since the country is nearly totally involved in rescue work necessitated by the floods.

Where it comes to political ploy and politics in general, Bush’s brain, Karl Rove never misses a beat and it makes Bush look both lucky and intelligent. But, when it comes to governing and acting the part of the CEO of the country, Bush falls flat on his face and we suffer.

When this happens, Karl comes to the rescue, pulling dirty political tricks out of his ass that appear to exonerate Bush from responsibility. These are manifested by Bush appearing before a microphone, coached to look sincere and bewildered saying, “Who could have known or Who could have imagined or who could have anticipated?”

This is followed by Bush going around the country talking to groups of thoroughly vetted loyal fans. In the safety of these audiences, his crocodile tears flow as he professes his extreme sorrow over those who have been hurt. He also takes these occasions to blame others for what happened, while professing earnestly that he would take the blame anyway because that’s what presidents do – “And I’m the President!”

Then when the blogs suggest that the administration should and did know and that Bush is misrepresenting the facts, Rove sends out his spin flunkies to his lap-dog media with deliberate lies, deconstructing weasel words and injured innocence.

This administration is identified by arrogance and incompetence. Now the country is deeply troubled and many nations around the world are offering help. Instead of giving them thankful acceptance, the Bush administration is giving most of them the cold shoulder.

How long is it going to take for people to understand that the promise of safety Bush gave to America is illusory? What has and is happening with Katrina should open everyone’s eyes to the fact that the invincible cowboy image is just a mirage.

A teacher, when announcing the exam he was going to give, added this advice his students, “Prepare for the worst because the worst is prepared for you.”

We are more vulnerable than ever with Bush in charge. So far his reign has been disaster after disaster for America, draining both monetary and human resources to a dangerous level. This appears to be just what Karl and George had in mind all the time.

There is a real chance that before the 2008 elections the country will be in such dire straits that Bush will declare martial law and suspend the presidential vote, making him president/king/messiah for life.

Prepare for the worst.
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